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Home » HUGE WIN: Newly Elected School Board Members BAN Critical Race Theory and Sexually Explicit Content From School Curriculums

HUGE WIN: Newly Elected School Board Members BAN Critical Race Theory and Sexually Explicit Content From School Curriculums

Image Credit - Todd Wetherington / Sun Journal Staff

Parental Rights in education group, Moms for Liberty, endorsed several anti-woke school board members for the midterm election. Many of their endorsements secured major victories in elections across the country.

This week, some of these school boards held their first meetings and made decisions that effectively eliminate far-left radical ideologies that were supported by the previous board.

The Berkeley County School Board in South Carolina on Tuesday managed to pass a resolution with a 6-2 vote that prohibits Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being taught in the classroom. And unanimously voted 8-0 to form a committee that will review school books that have been flagged for sexuality or adult explicit content. The same board also voted 6-3 to fire the school district’s radical leftist superintendent, Deon Jackson, and district lawyer, Tiffany Richardson.

“In the community many people know that these candidates support parental rights, but not only that, they support transparency,” Christi Dixon, the chair of the Berkeley County Moms for Liberty chapter, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “They want to make sure schools are safe. They want to make sure that financially [the school] is responsible with all the funding. They also want to make sure that our teachers get the support and all their needs are met in the classroom.”

The board also voted 6-1 to appoint the former school administrator, Dr. Anthony Dixon as the new superintendent of the school district. It is unclear why Jackson was initially fired but he was very unpopular with board members who supported radical ideologies.

“We understand that the public wants and deserves answers regarding Mr. Jackson’s and Ms. Richardson’s termination, but the prospect of litigation and the fact that their termination involve personnel issues limit our ability to comment fully at this time,” Mac McQuillin, board chair, told local news, ABC News 4. “However, we expect to be able to share our rationale in the future, and we are confident that we made a decision that is in the best interest of the District and its students.”

In its first meeting, the Berkeley County School Board defined CRT citing the Goldwater Institution’s definition, calling it “a perspective on modern life — a worldview — that believes all the events and ideas around us in politics, education, entertainment and the media, the workplace and beyond must be explained in terms of racial identities.”

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The new book review committee appointed by the school board will include professionals from various backgrounds including librarians, educators, parents, and mental health professionals.

Moms for Liberty had a 49% success rate nationwide and candidates endorsed by the group flipped several major school board districts and 76% of these new members were first-time candidates.

“We’ve got a lot of distractions, we went through COVID-19 and there was a lot of learning loss and a lot of emotional issues that children had to overcome by getting them back into class in-person. That helped to alleviate a lot of that,” Dixon told the DCNF. “But our county’s testing scores are below the state average, across the board. We’ve got to focus on getting the foundational education of these children as a top priority so that these kids can be successful throughout their school career and into adulthood. I think that the direction that this board will take us is going to be successful in that.”

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