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Home » HUGE WIN: Nick Sandmann Settles Lawsuits with ‘Woke’ Media and Gets PAID! Young Patriot Shows Results of Slander

HUGE WIN: Nick Sandmann Settles Lawsuits with ‘Woke’ Media and Gets PAID! Young Patriot Shows Results of Slander

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In December of 2021, former Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann announced that he settled his lawsuit with NBC Universal. Sandmann sued NBC for defamation following a 2019 confrontation between himself and a Native American man.

The viral confrontation occurred during the 2019 March for Life, an annual pro-life march taking place in Washington D.C. The March for Life is typically the largest pro-life rally in the United States each year. Republican lawmakers including former Vice President Mike Pence have spoken at the event in previous years.

Sandmann was recorded on video wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat while smirking at Native American activist Nathan Phillips as Phillips was was chanting and banging a traditional Native American drum just feet away. Following the march, several media outlets accused Sandmann of making racially charged actions.

Sandmann announced the settlement on his personal Twitter account stating “At this time I would like to release that NBC and I have reached a settlement. The terms are confidential.”

The terms between Sandmann and NBC are confidential which is an indication that Sandmann was required to sign a NDA in order to receive monetary compensation. This marks the third legal victory for Sandmann as he continues pursuing defamation lawsuits against mainstream media outlets.

Previously, Sandmann settled a lawsuit with CNN in January 2020 and with the Washington Post in July 2020. The CNN settlement is rumored to have been in the “multi-million dollar” range. Sandmann’s initially filing against NBC and MSNBC suggested that he was owed $275 million in damages.

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In 2020, Sandmann’s attorney stated that there would be “as many as 13 other defendants” including ABC, CBS, The Guardian, HuffPost, NPR, Slate, among others. No updates have been publicized regarding Sandmann’s outstanding defamation suits.

In the years since the viral confrontation, Sandmann has graduated High School and moved on to Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky where he is set to graduate in 2024.

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