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Home » HUGE WIN: Passing of ‘In God We Trust Act’ Allows Texas Schools to Display the Biblical Motto and Encourage the Values Associated With It

HUGE WIN: Passing of ‘In God We Trust Act’ Allows Texas Schools to Display the Biblical Motto and Encourage the Values Associated With It

Image Credit - KTRE9

Texas public schools now allow “In God We Trust” if the sign or displays are donated or purchased. The law applies to K-12 and public higher education.

Carrol Independent School District has already begun hanging the signs on campus grounds. Texas-based Christian service provider Patriot Mobile provided the signs for the northern Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Patriot Mobile posted on Facebook, “Patriot Mobile has donated framed posters to many other school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and we will continue to do so until all the schools in the area receive them. We are honored to be part of bringing God back into our public schools!”

Texas Senator Bryan Hughes tweeted, “As the author of the In God We Trust Act, I am encouraged to see groups like @PatriotMobile coming forward to donate these framed prints to remind future generations of Texans of our national motto.”

A spokesperson for Keller Independent School District, Bryce Neiman, said that donated signs will be placed mainly in the front offices. Parents seem to encourage the new measure from the Texas legislature.

“If it’s important to communities, the community will come behind it,” parent Erik Leist said. “If it’s not something that the community values. It’s not gonna end up in the school.”

School districts across Texas are implementing the new law. Senate Bill 797 requires the displays to be in “conspicuous places.”

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Senator Hughes tweeted, “The national motto, In God We Trust, asserts our collective trust in a sovereign God. I co-authored the bill in 2003 that allowed schools to display the motto, and last year I authored the “In God We Trust Act,” which requires a school to display the motto.”

According to Breitbart:

According to NBC5, the founder of the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition raised concerns claiming that the new law adds to the dissolution of the separation of church and state. “I feel like they don’t have a choice right now to put them up,” Kushwaha said.

“But hopefully this will spark larger conversations about having more freedom of expression, so if they are allowed to put up signs like this there should be no reasons that other students or people can’t put up signs that have different messaging.”

The law allows schools to have Texas or American flag under the motto. However, the law has taken some opposition, with some people believing that the law imposes Christianity on its students.