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Huge Win! Republicans Secure a Huge Ruling From a Federal Judge in Donald Trump Jr. Vs Alexander Vindman

A lawsuit against Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and other Trump associates was just thrown out after they were accused of conspiring together to remove other staffers.

Alexander Vindman, who was the star witness in Trump’s impeachment trial, sued Trump jr. and many others claiming he was ousted from his post after an internal smear campaign. Those sued were Giuliani, Trump Jr., then-White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, and Julia Hahn, a White House communications staffer.

Judge James Boasberg decided to throw out the case after determining that Vindman could not prove that the group banned together with the “specific goal of intimidating Vindman from testifying or performing his job”.

The 29-page ruling wrote, “Plaintiff’s pled facts, taken as true, certainly suggest that Defendants leveled harsh, meanspirited, and at times misleading attacks against him, but political hackery alone does not violate [the law at issue].”

“Defendants’ actions had consequences, and while the Court is duty bound to apply governing legal standards, it nonetheless pauses to recognize the real harm that their attacks inflicted on Vindman and his family,” the judge wrote.

The lawsuit pointed to everything from Trump’s family and the media as attackers attempting to intimidate and delegitimize his potential testimony in front of congress.

Vindman testified that he was on the call with President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2019. On this call, Vindman alleged that Trump pressured Zelensky to investigate the Biden family’s dealings.

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The result of his testimony was Trump’s first of two impeachments in office. Vindman was also reassigned from his post as Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council after this case.

Harmeet Dhillon, Trump Jr.’s lawyer, in this case, responded to the ruling in a statement saying,

“We’re gratified that the court accepted our arguments that even taken as pled, the allegations made by Alex Vindmann, do not violate his civil rights. Harsh political criticism is still allowed in America.”

Kristy Parker, Vindmans legal counsel also responded in a statement as follows,

“While we are disappointed by the court’s decision and are considering next steps, we have no doubt that it was right for Lt. Col. Vindman to seek accountability in court for the coordinated campaign of intimidation and retaliation waged against him because he honored his oath as a public servant.”

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