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HUGE WIN: Retired Army General Defeats ‘RINO’ Mitch McConnell Backed Candidate in Swing State Primary

Retired Army Brigadier General and political outsider Don Bolduc was declared the winner of New Hampshire’s Republican Senate Primary on Wednesday receiving around 50 percent of the votes reported.

This was a highly contested primary race with just 38 percent of the total votes counted. His challenger and State Senate President Chuck Morse lost by a narrow margin with just over 35 percent of the votes

General Bolduc has served ten tours of Afghanistan and was endorsed by the SEAL PAC and many America First influencers, including radio host John Fredericks.

General Bolduc defeated the State’s Senate President, Chuck Morse who was the “handpicked candidate” of Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Morse was also endorsed by establishment Republicans like Gov. Chris Sununu and had received more than $4 million for ad spending from the Washington Republican establishment.

Since this is a swing Senate seat, there are reports of millions of dollars being spent on campaign advertising and other promotional causes.

“The influx includes $13 million from Ms. Hassan and Democratic super PACs aimed at shoring up her image,” the New York Times reported.

President Trump did not weigh in on this primary, but he had this to say in his interview with The John Fredericks Show just before the election.

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“I’m looking at that race very closely, (Gen. Bolduc) said some great things…strong guy, tough guy, I think he’s doing very well too, I hear he’s up quite a bit. Yesterday I took some phone calls on that one. I’ll be looking at it.”

Gen. Bolduc will now be facing the Democrat nominee, Maggie Hassan on November 8th in a swing state election that could likely result in Republicans taking the majority in the Senate.

Hassan is a far-left radical Democrat who has supported Joe Biden’s open-border policies among many other radical ideologies.

On Wednesday, after he was declared winner, General Bolduc released a victory statement writing, “Our campaign overcame the odds and millions of dollars in spending from outside special interest groups because we built a true bottom-up grassroots campaign. Throughout the primary, I have felt the concerns of the voters and heard time and again that we need to send an outsider to Washington.”

“While out of touch career politicians like Senator Hassan will spend millions on TV ads, our strategy will remain consistent: a true New Hampshire campaign based on town hall meetings, debates, openness and transparency. I am going to keep campaigning the New Hampshire way. I am grateful for the trust Granite Staters placed in me tonight, and I pledge to always be their champion in Washington,” he concluded.

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