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Home » HUGE WIN: Texas Sheriff DITCHES the Democrat Party as ‘Woke’ Policies Continue to ‘Cripple Law Enforcement’

HUGE WIN: Texas Sheriff DITCHES the Democrat Party as ‘Woke’ Policies Continue to ‘Cripple Law Enforcement’

Another Democratic elected official in the state of Texas has now moved away from the Democratic Party and joined the GOP as the Democrats move closer to the far-left radical ideologies.

Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva announced on Wednesday he has officially switched parties saying, “I look forward to continuing the strong tradition of excellent law enforcement in Karnes County, which requires us to come together for a common cause and seek out leaders of integrity and merit.”

Following the announcement, the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party reacted by saying, “I am proud to welcome Sheriff Villanueva to the Republican Party. As Democrats increasingly abandon and cripple law enforcement, it is no wonder more people are turning to the Republican party.”

Villanueva’s announcement comes after multiple Democratic elected officials in the lone state announced their move to the Republican Party following the far-left radicalization of Democrats. Terrell and Presidio county judges and State Representative Ryan Guillen from District 31 were some key officials who announced their switch last year.

Both newly Republican judges in their Terrell and Presidio counties declared an invasion at the southern border thanks to Joe Biden’s weak policies causing a historic illegal immigration crisis.

Villanueva was first elected as the sheriff of Karnes County in 2013 and is currently serving his third term. He has a track record of several high-profile arrests including a serial arsonist responsible for over 50 fires, an escaped inmate, multiple murderers, burglars in a serious home invasion case, and a local police officer who was selling narcotics, among many others.

Another Democrat Sheriff, Benny Martinez from Brooks County had announced earlier that the Democratic Party is no longer representing the South Texas values that he shares.

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“The Democratic Party doesn’t represent us,” he said and is out of touch with the struggles of his community where he and his deputies are daily combating drug cartel and gang activity stemming from the southern border.

The more the Democrats promote and support far-left radical ideologies, the more liberal and moderate officials will make decisions to move to either the Republican Party or serve as an independent.

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