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Home » HUGE WIN: Virginia Tech Soccer Player Allegedly Punished for Refusing to Kneel Wins $100K Settlement

HUGE WIN: Virginia Tech Soccer Player Allegedly Punished for Refusing to Kneel Wins $100K Settlement

Former Virginia Tech soccer player Kiersten Hening is set to receive a $100,000 settlement after making allegations that she was punished for not following the rules set by the marxist organization, Black Lives Matter.

Hening filed a lawsuit in 2021 against Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer head coach, Charles “Chugger” Adair alleging that he forced her to the bench after she refused to kneel before the team’s 2020 season opener against the University of Virginia.

Her attorney, Cameron Norris, has now confirmed to the Roanoke Times that the lawsuit has finally reached a settlement and Hening will be dropping the federal lawsuit over the violation of her First Amendment Rights.

The massive settlement comes after a federal judge ruled last month that the lawsuit could proceed. Hening was one of the very few players who stood up for her beliefs in the 2020 season opener. Most of her teammates took a knee as a “Unity Statement” was being read pre-match.

In her lawsuit, Hening alleged that coach Adair betrayed her at half-time in front of her teammates and again at a film-review session the following week for “bitching and moaning” and “doing [her] own thing” instead of blindly following the rules set forward by the influence of woke ideologies.

The lawsuit further alleged that after the incident, coach Adair cut Hening’s playing time and as a result, she was forced to quit the team.

Norris told the Roanoke Times that the terms of the settlement included no admission of wrongdoing by coach Adair or Hening.

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During initial arguments, Adair claimed that he decided to bench Hening and cut her playing time as she displayed poor performance on the field.

Federal Judge Thomas Cullen denied Virginia Tech and Adair’s motion to dismiss, noting that Hening’s time on the field was significantly dropped off after the kneeling incident. Whereas Adair argued that two other players who refused to kneel did not face any consequences.

“Ultimately, Adair may convince a jury that this coaching decision was based solely on Hening’s poor play during the UVA game, but the court, viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to Hening, cannot reach that conclusion as a matter of law,” ruled Cullen, who said the issues in the case are fundamental.

Following the settlement, Adair released a statement on Twitter claiming in part, “I am pleased the case against me has been closed and I am free to move forward clear of any wrong doing.”

“It’s unfortunate, but this ordeal was about a disappointment and disagreement about playing time. Today, we have clarity that this case lacked any standing, and without evidence, the truth has prevailed,” Adair claimed, making no mention of the settlement.

To which Hening’s Attorney Adam Mortara replied “If by clarity you mean you are paying my client six figures in a settlement then you’re right that’s pretty clear. Honestly, Coach, read the Court’s opinion. You are paying. Defendants don’t pay in cases that have no standing.”

He then thanked Adair and his “bosses at Tech for paying the equivalent of several years of tuition” to his client.

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