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Home » HYPOCRISY: Defund the Police Democrat Stacey Abrams Has Spent $1.2 Million on Private Security Since Beginning of Gubernatorial Campaign

HYPOCRISY: Defund the Police Democrat Stacey Abrams Has Spent $1.2 Million on Private Security Since Beginning of Gubernatorial Campaign

Image Credit - Dustin Chambers / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Georgia’s Democratic Gubernatorial nominee and long-time “defund the police” activist, Stacey Abrams has reportedly spent over $1.2 million on private security since Abrams declared her candidacy in December of 2021.

A review conducted by Fox News Digital found that the Abrams campaign had spent over $400,000 for private security in July and August of 2022 alone.

This was followed by Fox News’ previous report from July 2022 that reported the Abrams campaign spending $800,000 between December 2021 to June 2022 for Executive Protective Agencies, LLC, an Atlanta-based private security firm.

Which makes a total of over $1.2 million for private security for a candidate who is an extremely vocal critic of the police and justice system. A candidate who has long supported the far-left radical defund police movement, calls for extreme gun control, and closure of all privatized prisons in the state of Georgia.

During the infamous summer of love rioting in 2020, Abrams famously said, “If there is a moment where resources are so tight that we have to choose between whether we murder Black people or serve Black people, then absolutely: Our choice must be service,” said in reference to her support for the Defund The Police movement.

She is also a vocal supporter of ending the privatization of prisons and probation in the state of Georgia.

“I do not believe in the privatization of justice,” Abrams said in April 2018. “There is a profit motive behind private prisons that is anathema to the core of who we are as Americans.”

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And just like many other Democrats and far-left radicals, she also supports “common sense” gun control laws, including “universal background checks” and bans on all semi-automatic rifles. A measure that would effectively ban all modern firearms sold and used for self-defense across the country, including handguns.

This hypocrisy from Stacey Abrams resembles that of Chicago Democrat Mayor, Lori Lightfoot who has effectively defunded the police department and has enforced some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but despite that Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the country, and Mayor Lightfoot’s block, is one of the safest.

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H/T: Fox News Digital

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