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Home » ‘I Believe He Was Killed;’ Grant Wahl’s Brother Speaks Out After the American Journalist Died Suddenly in Qatar

‘I Believe He Was Killed;’ Grant Wahl’s Brother Speaks Out After the American Journalist Died Suddenly in Qatar

On Friday, American Journalist Grant Wahl collapsed and subsequently passed away in the press room of the Qatar World Cup. Wahl made headlines for wearing a rainbow shirt to the cup and getting kicked out by officials.

Grant’s brother Eric explained on social media that he is the reason his brother wore the shirt to the event and believes that Grant was killed in retaliation for this transgression. Many now believe the Qatar government was involved to silence the journalist.

“I am gay. I am the reason he wore the rainbow shirt to the World Cup,” Eric Wahl said. “My brother was healthy. He told me he received death threats. I do not believe my brother just died. I believe he was killed, and I’m just begging for any help.” 

Keir Radnedge, a columnist at World Soccer Magazine, explained the circumstances of Wahls passing to CNN, saying Wahl fell ill,

“This was towards the end of extra time in the match. Suddenly, colleagues up to my left started shouting for medical assistance. Obviously, someone had collapsed. Because the chairs are freestanding, people were able to move the chairs, so it’s possible to create a little bit of space around him,” Radnedge said.

He emphasized the medical team did not hesitate to give aid “pretty quickly and were able to, as best they could, give treatment.”

Grant explained on his podcast that he felt unwell 3 days before his passing, “It had gotten pretty bad in terms of like the tightness in my chest, tightness, pressure. Feeling pretty hairy, bad,”

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Even after the rainbow shirt incident, Grant continued his scathing criticism of the Qatari government on his platforms. The day before he passed away Wahl wrote this

“The Supreme Committee in charge of Qatar’s World Cup doesn’t care that a Filipino migrant worker died at Saudi Arabia’s training resort during the group stage. He suffered a fatal blow to the head during a fall in a forklift accident (information that was kept under wraps until being broken by The Athletic’s Adam Crafton).”

The American sports world has come together to express support for the heralded longtime journalist. He has been remembered and applauded by thousands of athletes and writers.

His death is still in question and will be investigated further when his body is returned to the U.S

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