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Home » ‘I Don’t Care If I Get Canceled’: Director of ‘My Son Hunter’ Says Hunter Biden Story Must be Told Regardless of Repercussions

‘I Don’t Care If I Get Canceled’: Director of ‘My Son Hunter’ Says Hunter Biden Story Must be Told Regardless of Repercussions

Actor Robert Davi is famous for roles in “The Goonies, “Die Hard,” and villain Franz Sanchez in the James Bond flick “License to Kill,” and has been a staple in Hollywood films for decades. He has made his third appearance as a director as the head man of “My Son Hunter.”

Davi is now speaking about the making of the film and the criticism both the movie and he has received since its release.

On “Just the News, Not Noise” television show, Davi recalled “the frustration that I had watching this unfold and the American people not getting a chance at seeing what was happening,” Davi said, “My feeling was it has to be told — I don’t care if I get canceled.”

“The important thing for me was telling the story in a humanistic way,” Davi explained. “I wanted the audience to be able to be engaged in the emotional life of Hunter Biden — that addiction is a sickness.”

“Politics is downstream from culture,” Davi concluded. “And one of my frustrations with the conservative movement is not understanding culture enough and using it enough.”

Davi and the rest of the “My Son Hunter” team have been in the media circle supporting the success of the film. The director seemingly made statements on every conservative news outlet possible.

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“It’s like a great middle finger to Big Tech and the establishment who tried to bury the story, and the media and Hollywood,” he remarked during a Breitbart roundtable, “because they’re not forthcoming in anything.”

In an interview with Newsmax, Davi responded to the thought of the movie is too much conjecture: A lot of the content was based on research done by the screenwriter [Brian Godawa] and augmented by me after reading [the Hunter Biden memoir] “Beautiful Things” where he goes into detail regarding his emotional state while conducting his business and personal dealings. 

When Joe talks to Hunter about his art, it was one of the few times we exercised artistic license. There’s a reason why we opened with the text “This is not a true story . . . except for all the facts.”

Breitbart rightly touted their success saying “My Son Hunter has hit a 90 percent positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, signaling an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences even as left-wing film critics continue to trash the movie.”

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