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Home » ‘I Will Lead the Fight’; GOP Marjorie Taylor Greene Issues FIERY Statement After Monumental Midterm Victory

‘I Will Lead the Fight’; GOP Marjorie Taylor Greene Issues FIERY Statement After Monumental Midterm Victory

Image Credit - Sarah Silbiger/Bloomberg

Following her major reelection victory on Tuesday, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene issued a statement celebrating her victory and ensured her new constituents who voted Republican for the first time that she would work hard to uphold conservative policies.

Rep. Greene secured 65% of the overwhelming majority of the vote in her district in Georgia while her Democrat challenger, Marcus Flowers only managed to get 34.1% of the votes.

“This Election Day, voters across America stormed the polls and cast their ballot for Republicans for the first time. Their message was loud and clear: It’s time for a change,” Greene wrote in a statement to The Post Millennial.

“Frightened and fed-up Moms voted Republican for the first time because their children’s education, health, happiness, and future are all being threatened under the Democrats’ dangerous policies and sexualized education,” she wrote. “Hispanic voters, who fled countries reigned by tyrants, quickly recognized the Communist regime in control of America. Today, they voted to end the era of Nancy Pelosi.”

“Black Americans voted Republican because they’re sick and tired of the crime in their streets, gangs luring their children, and the never-ending cycle of welfare that Democrats push into their community,” her statement further read.

“Strong independent women are done being treated as an automatic vote when a real war on women is being waged against them. The policies of the last two years attempted to replace women with men and erase femininity in America. These women will never register Republican or admit it to their friends, but they voted to remove Democrats from power,” Greene continued.

She congratulated the voters who trusted her with their first-time Republican vote. Voters who were frustrated with Democrats’ far-left radical policies.

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“These mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters have chosen to put Republicans in control of Congress with all the power and responsibility that comes with it. That means Republicans must fight for them,” she said.

She ensured her constituents that she, along with her America First Republicans in Congress will “fight to hold our government accountable” and fight to expose “weaponized government agencies,” work hard to secure the border, and bring down the skyrocketing crime, along with protecting children from gender transition, and push legislation to control the Biden inflation.

“We will expose the weaponized government agencies that have targeted parents and collaborated with Big Tech to protect the Biden regime and hide the truth about corruption. Hunter’s laptop may be the tip of the iceberg. Government must work for the people. It can no longer be the agent to secure privileges for elites,” she said.

“We will fight to secure our border, declare war on the cartels, and shut down the flood of Chinese-made fentanyl into America. We will fight to end the scourge of human trafficking and protect the dignity of life.”

“We will fight to end the epidemic of crime that has swept our nation. We will fight to end the robbing, the looting, the assaults, the carjackings, and the murders. We will fight to protect our local law enforcement and get them the help they need to keep us safe,” she continued.

“We will fight to protect our children from radical ideologies that seek to resort to genital mutilation to gain acceptance. We will fight to end the Marxist Critical Race theory that teaches our kids to define themselves based on hate.”

“And we will fight to ensure families can put food on the table. We will fight to eliminate the burden of massive government spending and regulation that causes moms and dads to struggle to pay their bills. We will fight to make it our priority to take care of American families.”

Greene further remarked that she ran for congress “not just to defeat Democrats, but to hold my party accountable to the American people.”

“I know precisely how these voters felt when they cast their ballot, sick and tired of empty promises, watching the DC swamp sell our country’s future out year after year,” she remarked.

“These voters chose Republicans to straighten up our country, drain the swamp, and fight for them. Together, we can hold our party accountable and make sure they don’t let America’s families down.”

“I will lead the fight to make damn sure my party does not fail. We will make good on our promise to the American people. The future is at stake. Let’s get the job done,” Greene concluded.

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