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Home » “If I Commit Suicide, It’s Not Real”; Elon Musk Sends Message To the Powerful Institutions Following Release of ‘Twitter Files’

“If I Commit Suicide, It’s Not Real”; Elon Musk Sends Message To the Powerful Institutions Following Release of ‘Twitter Files’

Twitter’s new chief, Elon Musk held his first live Q&A session after the release of the first batch of “Twitter Files” and assured the listeners that he is NOT having any suicidal thoughts, as many users were suggesting.

Musk’s comments were in response to a question about his mental health and how he was feeling after the release of the first batch of internal Twitter records.

“I do not have any suicidal thoughts … If I commit suicide, it’s not real!” Musk said late Dec. 3. Over 1M people tuned into the discussion hosted on Twitter Spaces.

During this discussion, Musk noted that the content of the Twitter Files exposed political powers that have a massive influence on the government and other institutions in the country. And joked that some figures might want him gone after the massive expose.

“Twitter is the one company that’s no longer colluding and is no longer just going with this NPC group think, I should probably increase my security or something,” he said.

The first series of “Twitter Files” was released on Twitter through independent journalist, Matt Taibbi on Friday evening and revealed how officials in the Biden 2020 campaign and the Democratic Party colluded with Twitter and ran a politically motivated censorship campaign to suppress the New York Post’s bombshell reporting on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

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Musk said on Saturday that Twitter now has far fewer bots than there were before his takeover. “— and it’s actually, I think, way more fun and interesting. And we’re seeing that in the user minutes and in the daily average users.”

During the discussion, he also commented on the files and noted that there was “a very different standard applied to Republican candidates in the U.S. versus a Democrat candidates.”

“I’m not saying this is definitely the case. There appears to have been a double standard where Democrats were not censored and left causes were not censored but right causes and Republicans were,” he told the Q&A session audience.

“I think this is frankly obvious to anyone who uses Twitter without any extra exposure of Twitter files. It was not even-handed.” He said.

He further remarked that the company’s censorship of conservatives was “frankly the behavior that is to be expected from an organization that is that is based in San Francisco, which is far left.”

“So from their standpoint, it wouldn’t seem like that they’re being unfair,” he noted. “It’s simply how they see the world.” He added.

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