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Home » ‘I’m 100% Confident We Win’; Kari Lake Gives HUGE Update on Highly Contested Arizona Governor Race as Ballots Continue to be Counted

‘I’m 100% Confident We Win’; Kari Lake Gives HUGE Update on Highly Contested Arizona Governor Race as Ballots Continue to be Counted

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The Arizona gubernatorial race has still not been called, but Republican candidate Kari Lake is optimistic about the results and revealed some “good news” about the race.

During an interview with Fox News, Lake spoke with Sean Hannity about the ongoing election and her expectations for the results.

Hannity prefaced the discussion saying, “But back to our top story. All eyes are on Arizona and Nevada. These two states will decide the balance of power in the U.S. Senate. There are also two major gubernatorial races that are still hanging in the balance.”

“In Arizona, Kari Lake is confident the remaining votes will put her over the top, but it will take days or however long it takes and at what cost. Here now with the very latest, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. This is a national disgrace,” Hannity continued

Lake responded saying, “It’s not my fault. I’m the one who’s — I’m really suffering because we worked hard on that campaign, our followers have been so passionate and they’re waiting on pins and needles. I want them to know tonight I’m 100% confident we win this. 

“People are so distrustful of our elections that they wanted to hand-deliver their mail-in ballot. And when they did that, we overwhelmed the system and they don’t have enough people to count them. This is why we need to reform our election laws, Sean. When they count those, by the way, we’re expecting them to go possibly 70% for us, maybe even more,” Lake continued.

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While most governor races have been called, delays in counting ballots has slowed the decision from Arizona, one that many are highly anticipating. 

In the past Lake has been heavily criticized for rejecting the results the elections, but as her own race is underway Fox News reported that, “Lake expressed frustration at the amount of time it was taking to count ballots and called for election reform to cut down on that time in the future, but said she didn’t see any sign fraud had taken place.”

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