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Home » ‘I’m Not Taking It Anymore’; 88 Year-Old Nashville Liquor Store Owner Shoots Alleged Shoplifter in the Back

‘I’m Not Taking It Anymore’; 88 Year-Old Nashville Liquor Store Owner Shoots Alleged Shoplifter in the Back

Image Credit - The Tennessee Star

At a time in American history there was respect among people. Store owners didn’t have to worry about their shops being robbed and as a result there was no need to defend against such actions.

An unfortunate change has swept our country and now small business owners live in fear that someone may enter their business with bad intentions, if not to harm their business then to do harm to them.

This fear lives in 88 year old businesswoman May Boyce who recently defended her property with the second amendment, shooting an alleged shoplifter in the back.

Boyce owns and operates a liquor store in Nashville, Tennessee and reportedly comes in at a whopping 5-foot-3 and weighs 115 pounds. 

The New York Post reported that Boyce used her late mother Mary’s .38 Smith & Wesson snub-nose revolver to shoot a suspect she believed was stealing alcohol.

“I did what I had to do, and I hope word gets out on the street that I’m fed up and I’m not taking it anymore,” she said to the New York Post. “You’ve got to stick up for yourself sometimes.”

“I did what I had to do,” Boyce added. “After you’ve been played for a fool by people stealin’ from you for years, you get fed up. And don’t put me in the category of a little old lady. I know how to take care of myself.”

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“I never shot a gun before,” Boyce said, “but I guess it’s something that comes natural. I aimed at the floor to scare him.”

Boyce didn’t intend on shooting the man, but missed her target of the floor and struck the suspect in the back.

“I’m a people person. I like to work,” Boyce added.

Boyce was arrested but is now out on a $10,000 bond.

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