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INCREDIBLE! Hundreds Attend Kirk Cameron’s New Christian Book Reading After Being Refused From Dozens of Libraries

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Kirk Cameron, the star actor from the 1985 sitcom “Growing Pains,” has recently come into the spotlight as his new Christian themed book “As You Grow,” has been refused from many libraries in the country.

The Indianapolis Public Library recently gave Cameron a major victory as hundreds of people gathered at the library to hear Cameron read from his new book.

While Cameron was refused from many libraries, those same libraries allowed “Drag Queen Story Hour” where people dressed in drag were permitted to read to children.

It was reported that over 2000 people were in attendance for Cameron’s book reading, but the Indianapolis Public Library refuted that claim.

“We are being inaccurately portrayed in news/social after a room rental yesterday. Our estimated door count during the event is around 750, not 2500. We’ve had larger events. We turn 150 yrs old in 2023. And our auditorium, which our guests chose not to rent, holds 300, not 2000,” the library tweeted.

Fox News reported on Cameron’s story saying, “With a new children’s book out that celebrates family, faith and biblical wisdom, actor-writer-producer Kirk Cameron cannot reach scores of American children or their families in many U.S. cities via the public library system because over 50 public libraries have either outright rejected him or not responded to requests on his behalf.”

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“A story-hour program for kids and parents connected to new book releases is an activity that many libraries typically present to their patrons and communities,” the report continued.

Freedom Rock Radio reported on Cameron’s time in Hollywood and his later turn to faith 

“Cameron, who starred on the hit 1980s sitcom, said that he began acting at 14 years old — and it didn’t take long for Hollywood to get its narcissistic hooks into him,” the outlet stated.

“Luckily for the longtime entertainer, he was moved to ask Jesus Christ into his life and lived the rest of his life thereafter as a changed man,” the report continued.

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