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Home » INSANE! Bill Gates Expresses Support for Communist China’s Handling of Poverty; Many Believe it to be ‘Propaganda’

INSANE! Bill Gates Expresses Support for Communist China’s Handling of Poverty; Many Believe it to be ‘Propaganda’

Bill Gates, the fifth-richest man in the world, and globalist was praising the load out of Communist China and its regime’s handling of poverty.

David Wallace-Wells, a columnist for The New York Times Magazine interviewed Gates and presented an opinion suggesting that progress on poverty around the globe “has been really remarkable” and asked Gates if the trend towards eliminating poverty would be sustained since China has sort of “finished eradicating real poverty.”

“If you’re allowed to say the truth about things in China, they’ve done a very good job,” Gates responded.

“If you’re allowed to say the truth about things in China, they’ve done a very good job,” he added. “They’re now a middle-income country, in fact, one of the wealthier middle-income countries,” he continued.

Gates who has never praised America in with such passion is promoting the tactics of the Chinese Communist Party with enthusiasm like never before.

It was revealed back in 2018 by professors at Peking University, Beijing that the Chinese regime is using repressive financial policy to stimulate the economy.

“When China began economic reform in 1978, it had only one financial institution — the People’s Bank of China. As a centrally planned economy, the state arranged the transfer of funds and there was little demand for financial intermediation,” the article revealed.

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“Once economic reform started, the authorities moved very quickly to establish a large number of financial institutions and various financial markets. Forty years later, China is an important player in the global financial system,” the article continued.

Authors, Yiping Huang and Tingting Ge noted that the Chinese regime’s intervention in the nation’s financial system and private business was prominent and the People’s Bank of China is the only financial operating in the communist country.

“Yet government intervention in the financial system remains widespread and serious. The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) still guides commercial banks’ setting of deposit and lending rates through ‘window guidance’. Industry and other policies still play important roles influencing the allocation of financial resources. The PBoC intervenes in foreign exchange markets from time to time, through directly buying or selling foreign exchanges, setting the central parity and determining the daily trading band. Regulators tightly manage cross-border capital flows and the state still controls the majority shares of most large financial institutions.”

“Repressive financial policies attract criticism in academic, business and policy circles. Academics believe state intervention reduces financial efficiency and inhibits financial development. Private businesses complain about policy discrimination, making it difficult for them to obtain external funding,” the article further noted.

This “low-poverty” myth is becoming so ridiculous that even NPR correspondent John Ruwitch has criticized it in one of his articles.

“Xi Jinping, proclaiming victory over extreme poverty is propaganda gold,” Ruwitch once wrote.

Back in February of last year, Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping announced to the world that his regime has eliminated poverty across the country.

“According to the current criteria, all 98.99 million poor rural population have been taken out of poverty, and 832 poverty-stricken counties as well as 128,000 villages have been removed from the poverty list,” he stated.

Many experts called this propaganda and noted the significant existence of poor rural education, and 63% dropout rates from high schools in rural areas.

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