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INSANE: Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre Suspect EJECTED From Courtroom for Inappropriate Behavior

The main suspect of the horrific Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade massacre from last year was ejected from the courtroom after the judge in his trial decided that he was being too disruptive.

Darrell Brooks, the chief suspect in the Waukesha trial is representing himself in court and is displaying all kinds of emotions in the court. From uncivilized arguing, interrupting, and making baseless objections. This got so out of control that the Judge had to excuse the jury and witness on the stand after Brooks made baseless allegations like “What you doing is judicial misconduct” and “that’s not fair to the jury, they have a right to hear everything. Not going to sit here and let you fix the trial because you don’t want to tell the truth to the jury.”

Judge Jennifer Dorow was forced to eject Brooks from the courtroom and instructed that he will participate in the hearing via video from the next room.

After a brief break, Judge Dorow allowed Brooks back for an in-person hearing, saying, ” I am glad you are back here sir” but Brooks went on to interrupt her saying “I’m not so sure” and continued similar behavior as interrupting the judge and the judicial procedure.

This is not the first time that Brooks was forcefully removed from the courtroom. Earlier this month, on October 4th, he showed similar disrespect towards the judge, interrupting her on several occasions. At one point, he even argued that he did not recognize the State of Wisconsin or Dorow as the judge.

Brooks is representing himself in this trial after allegedly taking six lives and running over dozens with an SUV in November 2021. He is facing 77 charges as of publishing this article.

The trial got very confusing when at one point Brooks told the Judge that he is a “sovereign citizen” which asserts that the government holds no true, legal sway over them. He objected to all questions asked by the prosecution and even objected to being referred to by his own name, claiming that he did not recognize who “Darrell Brooks” is.

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