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‘It Looks Good for Me’; Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Responds to Early Voter Turnout in Runoff Election

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On Wednesday, Republican Georgia Senate candidate Hershel Walker responded to the record early voting turnout for his December 6th runoff election against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, saying it “looks good” for him.

With a week until the runoff election, over one million Georgia residents have already sent in their ballots for early voting. Mail-in and early voting are typically known as Democrat strongholds but the Republicans are steadfast in their Walker support.

“The people right now are having their voices heard, and their vote counted, and I’m happy with the turnout because I think it looks good for me,” Walker told Fox News.

The incumbent Senator being challenged by Walker, Warnock, also claims this early surge as a personal victory saying, “I think the turnout we’re seeing is good, and I want to encourage people to stick with it.” 

Both candidates have received major support from party leaders in this pivotal race that could decide the Senate majority. Warnock is currently being joined by former President Obama and scheduled to hold a rally with him before election day.

Herschel Walker, a former Heisman Trophy winner, campaigned with incumbent Governor Brian Kemp who recently won re-election against Democrat Stacy Abrams.

Now Kemp is returning the favor to Walker as the Georgia Governor endorsed the Senate candidate in the runoff election and expressed just how Walker will help the country.

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Kemp said in support, “I know that Herschel Walker will go to the United States Senate and support our men and women in the military and our men and women in law enforcement.”

“I know that Herschel Walker would go to Washington, D.C., and cut our taxes, not raise them. I know that Herschel Walker will do like we’ve done in Georgia and be fiscally conservative and cut runaway government spending in Washington, D.C.”

Walker also has an enormous endorsement from Former President Donald Trump but both the Walker and Trump campaign has seemingly mutually agreed to not campaign together as many of Warnock’s attacks are connecting the two figures.

This tight race is highlighted by both parties’ funding and spending on the campaign. A report Thursday said that both candidates have spent an estimated $80 million combined on local television ads alone.

This is the race to watch.

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