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Home » ‘We Call It Dumb Liberals!’; Kid Rock EVISCERATES Californian Couple Trying to Demolish Historic Home Dating Back to 1860

‘We Call It Dumb Liberals!’; Kid Rock EVISCERATES Californian Couple Trying to Demolish Historic Home Dating Back to 1860

Country music superstar Kid Rock appeared on Fox News primetime show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday and expressed his extreme disappointment in “seeing history torn to the ground.” 

“I think like so many other people in this country, we’re sick of seeing history tore to the ground.

“Whether it be in the form of monuments, statues, and now something so important here in Nashville … where does it end?” He asked Tucker. 

Beechwood Hall, an antebellum home in Franklin, Tennessee, is one of our country’s most important in-tact landscapes. It was the manor house of one of the three largest plantations in Williamson before the American Civil War.

Built in 1860 by Henry George Washington Mayberry and his wife, Sophronia Hunter Mayberry, many famous American families have descended on the property. From country music legend Hank Williams, Sr. to superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the property has also been a part of several country music videos for the songs “I Need You” and “My Little Girl.”

Last year, a Californian hedge fund manager named Larry Keele purchased the 268-acre property, pledging to restore and preserve the historic architecture. Unfortunately, Keele seems to have gone back on his promise as Williamson County residents believe the new owners are planning to demolish the historic landmark in their community. 

A new website,, has been established to help save the magnificent historic property and halt any future demolition plans. The website organizers have launched this petition to “stop all demolition, make efforts to protect the property from further deterioration, and commit to a preservation solution that preserves Historic Beechwood Hall for future generations.

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Please consider visiting and signing their petition to spread awareness. So far, over 12,000 people have signed the petition.

Beechwood Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Properties for its cultural significance. It includes several antique Greek Revival and Italianate-style architectural elements. 

The main house is over 3,000 square feet and has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a primary suite. The grand estate also has a 12-stall stable, barn, guest houses, and cabins that have been preserved for over a century.

As of publishing this article, Beechwood Hall’s magnificent floating staircase has been dismantled, and the rear addition was removed and placed in a burn pile. The house has also been left open to the elements, with no protection. 

The organizers are also working with elected officials to pass legislation preventing the easy demolition of historic properties like Beechwood Hall. 

If you want to learn more, you can visit this website to read about the initiative and sign the petition.