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Home » Kyle Rittenhouse INFURIATED by Revelations of Twitter Colluding with Liberal Media to ‘Ban the Truth From Their Lies’

Kyle Rittenhouse INFURIATED by Revelations of Twitter Colluding with Liberal Media to ‘Ban the Truth From Their Lies’

Image Credit - Sean Krajacic/Pool via Reuters

Recent changes to Twitter have revealed some incredibly hot topics regarding the company’s interference with politics, but it has also lessened restrictions on users allowing them to show support for conservative figures without worry of infractions. 

Kyle Rittenhouse has noticed a significant increase in support since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and the 19 year old hasn’t been shy with his appreciation.

In August of 2020 Rittenhouse flooded the news as he was charged with two counts of murder after defending himself against attackers in a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

At the time Rittenhouse was a teenager and over a grueling case he was eventually found not guilty having used self-defense in the unfortunate death of his attackers.

Two years later Rittenhouse is void of all charges, but he still receives the blowback that liberal media created having slandered his name for months after the 2020 incident. 

Rittenhouse claims he is still fearful of being in public due to some of the public’s feelings against him. 

During an appearance on the The Jenna Ellis Show Rittenhouse said, “I’ve been all right, but it’s been a little difficult ‘cause with all the false narratives that were put out, where people called me a white supremacist, a murderer and racist, and all those other lies, I don’t know if somebody’s seen one of those articles or watched one of those news stories.”

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It’s horrible that Rittenhouse feels this way, but he recently took to Twitter to express his appreciation for a sudden influx in support.

“I saw that “NOT GUILTY” is trending. When I clicked it was many people defending lies and telling the truth about my story… I am glad Elon Musk has taken over Twitter so lies can actually be combatted with truth without being banned and censored,” he tweeted. 

Along with that Rittenhouse commented on the way social media limited people from supporting him in the past, writing “I have seen thousands or more of people sending me evidence of being banned on Facebook, Instagram, and even old Twitter (before @elonmusk took over) for simply posting that they supported me…”

“The media didn’t just make up lies, they actually worked with old twitter to ban the truth from their lies and then lied about it. Crazy,” another Rittenhouse tweet read.

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