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Home » LAUGHABLE! AOC’s Climate Change Documentary FLOPS at Box Office; ‘Basically Watching Mentally Ill People’

LAUGHABLE! AOC’s Climate Change Documentary FLOPS at Box Office; ‘Basically Watching Mentally Ill People’

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped produce a climate change documentary that has entirely flopped at the box office as well as in reviews. Google User review only awarded the movie a 3%, possibly the worst Google review score ever.

“To the End” is a documentary following four women Ocasio-Cortez, activist Varshini Prakash, climate policy writer Rhiana Gunn-Wright, and political strategist Alexandra Rojas as they make their impact on the creation and passing of the Green New Deal.

The infamous number swirling of this box office failure is that the film is only generating $80 per theater during its opening weekend, taking just $9,667 total according to ticket receipt data published by Box Office Mojo.

Greg Gutfeld and the Fox News Show “The Five,” ripped into the New York representative for her failure to complete her Congressional duties, while still enjoying the life of a Hollywood-like figure.

“Who would go see a movie that’s the opposite of entertaining. There’s nothing entertaining about that. … But it does show you how great it is to be a progressive in a liberal, biased culture,” he said. “She really doesn’t do her job, right? She makes movies, she goes to galas. She sits for glossy, butt-kissing interviews in GQ and other women’s mags.”

Co-Host Jesse Watters joined into the criticism addressing the lack of support politicians have outside of policy saying, “This is what politicians often get confused about: Just because you’re popular in politics doesn’t mean you’re popular anywhere else. In fact, usually people that can’t do anything anywhere else go into politics to succeed. And she found out that the hard way…”

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Unsurprisingly, although real Google Users reviewed the film so poorly, traditional critics support the documentary.

Rotten Tomatoes still managed to award the film an 83% even with only $10,000 in the opening week.

Meanwhile, user reviews have not held back. On IMDB one user wrote “Would not recommend. Frankly, I am a facts over fiction person so in my documentaries I prefer real scientific evidence of claims for ALL sides in it which this lacks in its entirety or what is provided is from someone who claims cake is a gender so that’s as far as any factual evidence goes if anyone expects any; Dont.”

“This mockumentary is basically watching mentally ill people who hold positions of power (and are clearly paid to well for what little work they actually do) with poor articulation being hypocrites and complaining about everyone else not doing enough to make them personally happy which most social media provides for free nowadays anyways. Pass and quickly on this one unless you are watching it for the laughs.” the user continued.

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