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Home » Liberal Media GOES CRAZY as Kyle Rittenhouse Finds Love Swooping Up a Beautiful Blonde TikTok Star

Liberal Media GOES CRAZY as Kyle Rittenhouse Finds Love Swooping Up a Beautiful Blonde TikTok Star

Kyle Rittenhouse is enjoying his freedom after the anticipated trial that almost sent him to prison for the rest of his life.

The self-defense celebrity has made multiple appearances on talk shows, events, and premiers making the rounds with the highest characters within the GOP.

He has been using social media and seems to be living his best life. Kyle and his new girlfriend have been posting to social media young, dreamy videos of the two flaunting their love.

TikTok posts show the couple lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s “Our Song” and “Gotta Go My Own Way from High School Musical 2.”

Many had thoughts to share on Twitter over his new posts that some view as celebrating his freedom.

One Twitter user posted, “Leftist are so mad about Kyle Rittenhouse posting cringe TikTok’s happily with his gf being a normal silly teen because they really thought they could ruin him. They hate to see that they failed & he’s living a relatively normal life. Oka last Kyle post I’m just proud of the kid.”

Another user tweeted, “He’s strong for not hiding or leaving the internet anything.”

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An opposing user of Rittenhouse said, “I change my mind, send him back to prison.”

The left has had it with Rittenhouse, believing the kid to be a killer.

One verified user said, “Boy am I tired of seeing that little asshole Kyle Rittenhouse trending.”

Kyle was acquitted of all charges the corporate media was pedaling against him.

The Democrats enjoyed pursuing Rittenhouse, expanding their efforts as hard as possible to convict the young boy who didn’t want his hometown to burn down while a pedophile was reaching for his AR-15.

The lies that altered Kyle’s story to fit the leftwing narrative was one Rittenhouse triumphed which was a huge win for the right.

Kyle, in the meantime, has been serving multiple celebrities and media outlets for their defamation regarding the unfortunate circumstance he was put in, labeling him a “white supremacist” and a “racist.”

President Joe Biden himself called the 17-year-old boy a “white supremacist.”

After the two posted their TikToks, Rittenhouse’s girlfriend changed the setting of her account to “private,” according to the Daily Dot.

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