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LIBERAL MEDIA LOSES AGAIN: As Fox News’ Ratings Blow MSNBC and CNN Out of the Water; Liberal Counterparts Can’t Keep Up

For months Fox News has been at the top of the leaderboards of cable news networks so it is no surprise that once again in the month of August Fox took home the crown.

Thanks to hosts like Tucker Carlson, Kayleigh McEnany, Jesse Watters and Sean Hannity Fox News continues to crush their liberal competition in MSNBC and CNN.

Fox News Media reported on the network’s recent success:

“FOX News Channel (FNC) finished August 2022 as the third most-watched network in all of television during weekday primetime, outpacing ABC and trailing only CBS and NBC. 

“According to Nielsen Media Research, FNC remained cable’s highest-rated network in total day and primetime with total viewers and the top-rated in total day with the 25-54 demo. FNC surpassed CNN and MSNBC combined with total day and primetime viewers and was number one in all of cable with total day and primetime viewers.”

“FNC also ranked number one in cable news in primetime viewers for the 19th month in a row and notched 96 of the top 100 cable news telecasts for the month. Notably, FNC was the only cable news network to post double-digit gains versus last month and August marked its most-watched month of the summer with every program gaining viewers month-to-month. 

“In total day, FNC delivered 1.5 million viewers, 211,000 with the 25-54 demo and 128,000 with the 18-49 demo. In primetime, FNC netted 2.3 million viewers, 311,000 in the 25-54 demo, and 189,000 in the 18-49 demo. The network also delivered the top four programs in cable news with viewers and the top 15 of the top 16 cable news programs in the 25-54 demo.”

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One of the largest contributors to Fox News success is Sean Hannity who’s show in the month of August was “the third most-watched program in all categories and outpacing the competition on MSNBC and CNN combined. MSNBC’s newly-launched 9 PM/ET program Alex Wagner Tonight delivered a paltry 1.6 million viewers and 157,000 in the 25-54 demo, which Hannity more than doubled.”

Some liberal leaning networks have begun to realize that Fox News’ success isn’t a fluke which has caused significant changes such as cutting far-left hosts and maintaining a more centrist delivery of the news.

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