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Home » LIBERALS RAGE: As Matt Walsh EXPOSES Woke Society in ‘What is Woman’ Documentary on The Daily Wire

LIBERALS RAGE: As Matt Walsh EXPOSES Woke Society in ‘What is Woman’ Documentary on The Daily Wire

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Released early this summer, political commentator Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire enter the liberal sphere of sex and gender politics to learn and poke fun at the wokeness gone wild in the documentary “What is a Woman?” The documentary is available exclusively on The Daily Wire+.

In this documentary Walsh enters the transgender rights movement and discusses issues with real people involved, asking questions about transphobia and what it means to be a woman.

The documentary has many news stories around it, from its viral clips to DDOS attacks the publication received as well as its reviews, rare but overwhelmingly positive.

What is a Woman has only received 6 reviews on rotten tomatoes, while most movies have over a hundred reviews. The critic site gave the movie an 83%, applauded by all but one of its Tomatometer-approved critics.

This critic and Youtuber, Jessie Gender, wrote about the film, “A film meant to sermonize to the already converted, people who are primed to see the simple existence of a trans person as worthy of laughter and contempt rather than curiosity or empathy, to hand them weapons in the form of lazy meme-able transphobia.”

This is contradictory to the over 5,000 audience reviews that gave the film a 96% rating, with one reviewer, John S, writing, “An absolutely brilliant examination of transgender ideology. Respectfully made, and it touches upon many serious points. This movie completely changed my life.”

The most famous opinion on this movie came one Tuesday on the Joe Rogan Experience, as host Joe Rogan praised the documentary in his interview with Tulsi Gabbard.

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“Like, that’s the documentary, the Matt Walsh documentary, which is f***ing amazing,” Rogan said. “And also, amazing that no one’s reviewing it. No one’s reviewing it. That documentary is fantastic because Matt Walsh — and you can only get it on The Daily Wire I think, which is unfortunate, but I get it, I get that The Daily Wire produced it, they want people to sign up and they’re creating this alternative platform for content.

“But that documentary is so good because Matt Walsh simply asks questions and he does it deadpan. And it’s amazing, watching these people just, like, twist reality into some weird f***ing torsion, it’s like what are you saying? What is a woman? What does it mean?

“You know, you’re marching for women’s rights. But what does that mean? So, if I decide I’m a woman, and I go out, you’re marching for me? I’m a woman now? You can just say it? We can’t have that, that doesn’t make sense.

“And it doesn’t mean you can’t have trans people. It doesn’t mean that … you’re not denying anyone’s existence either, they exist. However, if you want to be pregnant, you must be a biological female. This is science. 

“This is something that we have all studied and looked at and observed. And this is f***ing doctrine. It’s no getting around it. If you want to breed, if you want the egg in the womb, if you want the whole thing to happen, the uterus, the baby. That’s a woman. Just because you have a f***ing beard because you’re taking testosterone, you’re still a woman, like this is crazy,” Rogan concluded. 

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