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‘Looks Like Joe Biden was Involved’; Hunter Biden Investigation Reveals the President May Have Been Involved in Son’s Business Dealings

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The story of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was once suppressed but now as the investigation ramps up, the public is learning just how serious Hunter’s business dealings were.

In the past media organizations covered up the story of Hunter Biden, but a recent interview from Fox News showed that the investigation has only broken the tip of the iceberg.

Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan appeared on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo to discuss the investigation into Hunter Biden and how it was suppressed for so long.

Bartiromo began asking “Jim Jordan, how did this happen? How did the DoJ and the FBI become so politicized? We know what they did around the Russia collusion story. They had no evidence of collusion with Trump, and yet they pursued FISA warrants to aggressively spy and surveil is people within the Trump world.”

“I don’t know how it happened, but I know it has to change because America’s the greatest country in history, but we’re not America. America’s not America if you have a justice president that treats people differently under the law — Justice Department,” Jordan responded.

“Whistleblowers have said at the highest levels, not the rank and pile, but at the Washington field office of the FBI, that’s where the politics is.” Jordan continued. “One of these agents said it’s rotted at its core, that’s how bad it is. Look, remember this too if you need any more — go back to Mr. Smith again, Jack Smith. There was, back in 2013, the section that he ran at the Justice Department not only was looking for ways to prosecute the very people who were targeted by Obama’s IRS, but they also asked the IRS to give them confidential taxpayer information, and the IRS complied.”

“Think about that. You had the Justice Department saying we want information we’re not supposed to get, give it to us, and the IRS gave it to them. So this is, it seems to me, a pattern. It has to change because if it doesn’t, we don’t have this.”

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Jordan went on to explain that the investigation into Hunter Biden revealed that he wasn’t the only Biden involved in making foreign business decisions.

“It sure looks like Joe Biden was involved,” Jordan said. “So, my, how this story has changed. And now, we find out these text messages and emails that link the entire family, not just Hunter and Joe and — but also uncle, the — Joe’s brother, James Biden, is involved in this, as well.”

While the DOJ’s investigation into Donald Trump is being widely covered by the media, the investigation into Hunter Biden, while not suppressed, is not known near as well as that of Trump.

It will be interesting to see if Hunter Biden is indicted and if so, who all was part of the scandal.

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