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MASSIVE WIN: Democratic Poll Reveals Massive Swing in the Hispanic Community to Trump-Led Republican Party

Image Credit - Raleigh News & Observer

Only 54% of Latino registered voters said they preferred Democrats keep control of Congress as a result of the upcoming November midterm elections, down five percentage points since October 2020 and down 13 points since November 2018.

The graphs of Republicans gaining support year after year in the Latino community are staggering. 

Democratic pollster Aileen Cardona-Arroyo, who co-conducted the NBC/Telemundo poll tried to explain the evolution saying, “The meaning of conservative and liberal has shifted over time, and how people self-identify ideologically today has a different meaning than it did in the past.”

National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund, known as NALEO tracked Latino voting data six weeks before the midterm elections on Nov. 8 and found many are undecided.

“With just about a month away from Election Day and days before the beginning of early voting, we’re seeing twice as many undecided independent Latino voters as we did in 2018 and a growing young electorate that is still considering whether to vote in November,” NALEO Executive Director Arturo Vargas said.

About 40% of Latinos who consider themselves independents say they remain undecided about whether to vote for Democrats or Republicans in congressional and Senate races.

Fox News interviewed many conservative Latino leaders to explain why this is happening. Republican Miami Mayor Francis Suarez drove home the point that Hispanics wanted to see action taken on the economy and crime and touted the conservative principles that he said had brought success to the residents of his city.

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“What matters most for the Hispanic Community —and for all people, for that matter — is to see their elected officials focusing their time in delivering results in a range of fields, most importantly within our economy, the safety of our streets, and high levels of quality of life—including access to education and high-paying jobs,” he told Fox News.

Although immigration is a pivotal political point in this upcoming election for everyone, the data is clear. It shows that Latino voters are aligning with conservatives even in the face of backlash from liberal figures that Republicans like Ron DeSantis are mistreating this community.

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