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MASSIVE WIN: Fox News Hosts ACHIEVE the UNTHINKABLE! Secure Top Viewership of Key Democratic Demographic

Conservative media, specifically Fox News, has been at the top of the ratings for months going on years now and the success of the cable news network can be attributed in large part to their star hosts.

Two of the most prolific in the network are Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld.

Recent data shows the two Fox News hosts secured the most viewers in the all so important 25-54 demographic. 

On December 9th, Carlson garnered 335,000 viewers and his peer Gutfeld brought in 309,000 viewers in his 11 p.m. ET show.

Mediaite reported on the success of Fox News and with it, just how much the conservative cable news network is beating out their major competitors in MSNBC and CNN. 

Total viewers:

CNN: 526,000

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Fox News: 1.65 million

MSNBC: 922,000

25-54 Demo:

CNN: 108,000

Fox News: 206,000

MSNBC: 104,000

Here are the prime time averages — encompassing shows which air from 8-11 p.m. — in total viewers and the 25-54 demo. 

Total viewers:

CNN: 494,000

Fox News: 2.22 million

MSNBC: 1.29 million

25-54 Demo:

CNN: 122,000

Fox News: 249,000

MSNBC: 144,000

A report from the Daily Wire that is almost more impressive revealed that in recent months Tucker Carlson pulled in the most Democratic viewers in a key demographic.

“The data, from the month of October, showed that Carlson pulled in 101,000 viewers who self-identified as Democrats in the 25-54 demographic. MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ and Fox’s ‘The Five’ were tied for second place, each attracting 88,000 viewers in the key demo who self-identified as Democrats. The next two spots are occupied by Sean Hannity, who took in 81,000 young Democrat viewers, and Greg Gutfeld, who pulled 73,000,” the report stated.

The Daily Wire further reported that, “Maddow still has a significant advantage in total Democratic viewership, pulling in a total of 908,000 viewers across all age groups. “The Five” pulled in the second most, with 732,000 viewers who identified themselves as Democrats, and Carlson followed close behind with 722,000 total Democrats. Hannity and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell rounded out the top five, with Hannity garnering 623,000 Democrat viewers, and O’Donnell taking 607,000.”

It’s incredible that Fox News has sustained the lead in viewership over their competitors for so long, but more so the recent attraction from Democrats shows the conservative network is crossing lines.

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