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Home » MASSIVE WIN: North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Takes SUBSTANTIAL Lead Over Democrat Opponent Jamie Smith

MASSIVE WIN: North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Takes SUBSTANTIAL Lead Over Democrat Opponent Jamie Smith

Image Credit - AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

On Wednesday, Emerson College Polling relayed their latest projections showing the North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem now holds a commanding 19-point lead in her re-election bid. The poll also shows that 74% of the state expects Noem to win the midterm.

Noem is currently polling to win 56% of the vote, while the field consists of Democrat Jamie Smith at 37%, Libertarian Tracey Quint at 3%, and the other 4% of voters in North Dakota are considered undecided.

Emerson College Polling article on the race includes a quote from their Executive Director Spencer Kimball saying, “Smith leads Noem among independent voters 46% to 39%, and among Democratic voters 80% to 17%; however, Smith’s support is not strong enough to surpass Noem’s majority of Republican voters’ support in South Dakota who represent the majority of registered voters, and she leads among Republicans 83% to 12%.”

Noem’s primary opponent Jamie Smith responded saying, “This is definitely a race within our grasp. All of the different data that we’ve gotten has shown that it’s very, very tight.”

A major deciding question in the North Dakota race is their decision on Constitutional Amendment D, which if agreed upon, will expand the state’s Medicare eligibility.

The Republican frontrunner has been fielding consistent questions on her ambition for higher office, as many pundits could see Noem as a running mate for Donald Trump or others in upcoming Presidential races.

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Noem and other future Republican Governors have all responded the same way to this suggestion. Kari Lake, Ron DeSantis, and now Noem all echo that they plan to stay all four years of their tenure.

Tulsi Gabbard recently captured headlines in her show of support for the Republican candidate in a support ad.

 “I’m Tulsi Gabbard, and Kristi Noem is a friend of mine. We believe in defending freedom and protecting what makes this country so special. Kristi loves South Dakota and fights against extreme policies that Jamie Smith supports, like raising taxes, mandating vaccines, and taking away your gun rights.”

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