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MASSIVE WIN: San Diego Judge BLOCKS Newsom Law Requiring the Release Gun Owners’ Personal Information

Gun owners in California are temporarily set at ease as a San Diego Superior Court Judge issued an injunction that blocks the public release of gun owners’ personal information.

Katherine Bacal, a San Diego Superior Court Judge, favored the privacy rights of California gun owners, issuing an injunction on the state’s Assembly Bill 173 ruling the allowance of the bill to remain in effect while being challenged is a risk.

The Reload reported on the monumental victory represented by Bacal’s decision.

“The injunction represents a win for gun-rights advocates in their fight against the state’s attempts to share gun owners’ identifying information for outside research. The state already collects extensive data on gun and ammunition purchases–including an ammo registry. California’s practices make it an outlier, but one with the potential to be copied by other blue states seeking tighter gun laws. The successful injunction suggests advocates may be successful in permanently stopping the state from sharing that data with non-law enforcement entities and quash the potential for other states to follow California’s lead.

“Assembly Bill 173, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom (D.) last September, directed the Attorney General to disclose personal information on gun purchasers to the California Firearm Violence Research Center at UC Davis. The information includes details such as the buyer’s name, address, date of birth, what they purchased, when and where they bought it, and more. It also authorized the center to share the information with any other ‘bona fide research institution,’” The Reload report stated.

Bacal stated in her order, “Accordingly, plaintiffs have shown that the balance of harms weighs in favor of issuing the injunction.”

This California decision comes shortly after major credit card companies in Florida said they will be tracking gun purchases separately from other purchases.

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Raging Americans reported that Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis released a statement urging the companies to backtrack their plans as they will face the consequences in Florida.

“The second amendment is foundational to our American way of life,” Patronis insisted. “The idea that law-abiding Americans would be put on some kind of corporate watchlist is disturbing.”

“Our rights come from our Creator, not the government, and especially not big corporations,” he said. “It is clear that the actions by these credit card companies are part of a larger effort to curtail God-given constitutional rights of Americans.”

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