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NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Trolls Liberals by Wearing a ‘Make Green Bay Great Again’ Shirt in Team Locker Room

The four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers sparked excitement for many across social media last weekend.

A reporter for The Athletic, Matt Schneidman, tweeted out Rodgers’s choice of clothing around the locker room.

“No still photography allowed in the locker room, and he didn’t talk today, but Aaron Rodgers is wearing a “Rodgers/Lazard ’23 MAKE GREEN BAY GREAT AGAIN” T-shirt.

Rodgers has had a rough past couple of years with the Green Bay Packers and he’s on a mission of trolling the Biden administration and everyone who disrespected his character and defamed his personal opinion and research.

Rodgers was opposed to the Biden Administration vaccine mandates that were swallowing industries and corporations across America, including the NFL, in which Rodgers did everything he could not to participate.

He claimed he did not take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine because he was allergic to one of the ingredients labeled on the emergency authorized medical treatment.

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The future hall-of-fame quarterback did his part walking around in a “Make Green Bay Great Again” shirt that ignited woke liberals into flaming tears.

Aaron Rodgers has been getting loads of bad press ever since he became anti-vaccine and supported Trump by ultimately trolling liberals.

According to TMZ, Rodgers referred to Trump’s claims of the stolen 2020 election on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast.

“You take it like a man. You don’t go, ‘We’ won’t that game’ That’s what Donald Trump does. We won that game. You didn’t You lose it. It happens. You lose sometimes. Be a f**king man and just own up like every other president has ever done.”

The statement may surprise some people. However, the Super Bowl MVP quarterback has always influenced individuality while publicly commenting on his journey in life.

The quarterback has experience with psychedelic drugs to combat his mental health, which he says he now “unconditionally loves himself.”

The Green Bay Packers lost their season opener, and the NFL franchise looked incredibly sloppy. Devante Adams, Rodgers’s best wide receiver last year, is no longer with the team in which he described Adams as his personal “throwing safety blanket.”

It looks like it will be a long season for the cheeseheads this fall.

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