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Pro Open Border NYC Mayor BEGS for Emergency Funding as Migrants From Texas and Florida Flood the City

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is looking for emergency funding from the Biden administration to combat the over 30,000 migrants that have entered the state in buses from Texas and Florida.

The New York Post is reporting that the city is currently housing 21,000 of those migrants on taxpayer dollars. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reviewed the funding request through their Emergency Food and Shelter Program’s National Board received the city’s funding and is currently “reviewing their application.”

In October when Mayor Adams first declared a state of emergency, he discussed the idea of requesting $1 billion so although FEMA can not confirm if that is their requested funding, it is what most are assuming.

Southern border states are fed up with the Biden administration’s policies that along with letting record numbers of illegal immigrants into the country have led to a severe increase in fentanyl in America, an incredibly dangerous drug that many in our country have overdosed on this year.

With the incoming influx of even more migrants, the border states are furious. During the pandemic “Title 42” was put into place to help stop the flow at the southern border but the Biden administration has now lifted that practice, and that will enter fruition shortly.

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Texas lawmakers wrote the Commitment to Secure the Border: a Framework by Texans for Texans. That included a scathing message to the country’s leadership and a plan on how Texans are going to combat the issue.

“More than 4 million individuals have been encountered at our southern border since President Biden took office. The Biden administration has released between 1-2 million of these individuals into the interior – not including approximately 1 million known ‘gotaways’ since the start of FY21. At least 98 people on the terrorist screening database were apprehended in FY22. Further, more than 24,000 lbs. of fentanyl have been seized since President Biden took office.

Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella admitted the end of Title 42 would be “not good for the city of New York,” and add to an already dire problem.

“You just have to put an iPhone on the border and see the crossings on a daily basis and many of these people end up being supported by New York City taxpayers — and with no end in sight,” he said.

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