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Home » ‘Queen of Christmas Movies’ Candace Cameron Burr Makes History as New Network Becomes ‘Fastest Growing Network in All of Cable Television’

‘Queen of Christmas Movies’ Candace Cameron Burr Makes History as New Network Becomes ‘Fastest Growing Network in All of Cable Television’

Image Credit - Hallmark

Candace Cameron Bure, the star actress of the hit 1980 and 1990’s TV show “Full House,” recently achieved a career milestone and thanked her supporters for helping her get to where she is in her career today.

Bure recently left The Hallmark Channel where she furthered her career appearing in countless films that warmed the hearts of viewers from around the world.

Now the Chief Creative Officer at the new and fast growing network Great American Family, Bure has achieved something many people in TV never will.

She recently announced that Great American Family finished 2022’s fourth quarter as the “fastest growing network in all of cable television.”

Bure thanked the network’s viewers saying “Thank you for finding us and watching Great American Family Channel,” along with a press release telling of the incredible accomplishment.

“Great news for Great American Media’s #GreatAmericanFamily to end 2022 & an even better way to start 2023. Happy New Year to everyone who helped make this happen, from people on-camera & off, but especially our viewers!” the press release said.

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The Christian Post reported on the success of the young Great American Family network and Bure’s role in the company.

GAF noted that in just the second year of the channel’s existence, it ranked “No. 1 in total day ratings growth in households (+113%),” ages 18-49 (+100%) and total viewership (+116%), as gathered by Nielsen. The family network also came in No. 1 in “Primetime ratings growth in households (+128%) among all cable networks.” Bure’s executive role at GAC Media began in April 2022, and since then the outspoken Christian has been working on producing and starring in faith and family-friendly content. 

Last year Bure issued a statement about her recent career path saying, “I am constantly looking for ways that I can inspire people to live life with purpose. GAC fits my brand perfectly; we share a vision of creating compelling, wholesome content for an audience who wants to watch programming for and with the whole family.”

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