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Home » RED WAVE INCOMING! Country Music Star TEARS APART the FBI; Calls Raid on Trump’s Home Fuel for the ‘Freedom Fire’

RED WAVE INCOMING! Country Music Star TEARS APART the FBI; Calls Raid on Trump’s Home Fuel for the ‘Freedom Fire’

Image Credit - Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

Country Music has not been quiet in the wake of the FBI’s Raid of Mar a Lago in defense of Former President Donald Trump. Hit singer John Rich has been in the news a lot for his song “Progress” and his fiery statements about this week’s events.

“A BIG thank you to Joe’s FBI for raiding Trump’s home! You guys just poured 81 million gallons of premium Patriot octane on an already blazing Freedom fire! See, you are good for something after all:) Much appreciated! See you in November!” Rich tweeted.

Rich continued his lashing of Biden on twitter when he brought back attention to the Presidents missteps in Afghanistan:

“Remembering the #13 that died in Afghanistan and the countless Americans and allies that were abandoned by the Brandon administration while simultaneously arming our enemies with OUR weapons paid for by OUR tax dollars. We the people will never forget. Much love to our veterans.” Rich wrote.

The star made waves a week ago as he shunned so-called “woke” record labels and released a song directly to Trump’s social media app Truth Social and video-sharing site Rumble — catapulting it to No. 1 in the world on the Apple iTunes song chart.

“Here I am with no record label, no publisher, no marketing, I just got a song that speaks to a lot of people, and Truth and Rumble pushed it out there. And man, I’m really proud of what we did today.” Rich said.

The vocal country star also joined Fox News to voice his displease with Biden and the current administration. He said

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“What he’s done has stepped so far outside the bounds of political differences that now it’s hitting everybody on daily things that they deal with. Gas prices don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican. When you go and buy a dozen eggs and you’re like, ‘how much are these eggs?’ 

And then you’re going to Costco and going, ‘You know what? I’m going to buy the big bulk stuff.’ That affects everybody, too. So, listen, he said he was going to bring unity. I saw the poll earlier this month that said, was it 88% of Americans said that we’re on the wrong track in this country. That’s quite a feat to get 88% of Americans to agree on anything.

But Joe did it. Good job, Joe. He did bring unity, and now we’re unified that we don’t like what’s going on.“

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