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Ron DeSantis Announces Plan to Send Illegal Immigrants to Joe Biden’s Home State of Delaware

Since the Biden administration has taken over the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border has been seriously affecting border states. While the “border Czar” in Kamala Harris says everything is perfectly fine at the border, Governor’s of Texas and Arizona would seriously disagree. 

With less restrictions at the border, dangerous drugs such as fentanyl are more easily able to cross and as a result the country has seen a sharp rise in overdoses as a result of the drug. This is one of the major negative results of Biden’s weak border restrictions but certainly not the only one.

While not directly affected by Biden’s southern border policies Florida still receives a large number of illegal immigrants into the state. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has followed the actions of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and is intending to “reroute” illegal immigrants to Delaware, the home state of President Joe Biden.

“It applies to people illegally crossing the southern border who want to come to Florida or who come to Florida because a lot of them say they want to,”  DeSantis said.

“And if they’re here illegally, then that’s a much different thing than being a refugee. So it does not apply to refugees,” the governor continued.

He went on to vehemently reject the comparison of people running drugs across the southern border and those who are attempting to escape communist Cuba.

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“Yes, when you’re putting out tweets saying about Castro’s death, he’s just a political leader that people in Cuba are mourning, that’s a disgrace,” said DeSantis.

“That’s an insult to the people in this community who have had to flee that tyranny. It’s an insult to the people that have seen that island destroyed,” the governor continued.

“And here we are decades and decades later, and it is a third-world country has so much potential. And you look at the contrast between South Florida and Cuba.”

“I don’t see people getting on rafts to go from Key West to Cuba. I’ve never seen that,” he added. “I know they want to do that the opposite because they understand how important freedom is,” DeSantis concluded.

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