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Home » Ron DeSantis’ Campaign Team Threatens to Fly a ‘Few Thousand More’ Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Ron DeSantis’ Campaign Team Threatens to Fly a ‘Few Thousand More’ Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard

On Thursday, the rapid response director for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ re-election campaign, Christina Pushaw, threatened Martha’s Vineyard implying they can take “a few thousand more” migrants flown in from Florida.

Ron DeSantis’s move to fly in 50 migrants to the island off the coast of Massachusetts caused shockwaves through the country. The immigration problem has become the forefront of all media outlets in response to this move hitting social media.

Homeless Shelter Coordinator Lisa Belcastro was at a complete loss for how to handle the issue. Belcastro was asked what are the most difficult challenges when handling this situation.

“The difficult challenges are — we have to, at some point in time they [illegals] have to move from here to somewhere else – we cannot, we don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants and we certainly don’t have housing. We’re in a housing crisis as we are on this island! We can’t house everyone here that lives here and works here,” Belcastro responded.

Martha’s Vineyard seemed to have bussed the migrants back to the mainland to avoid the problem. Then in a series of tweets members of the island claimed to set up shelters for 50 immigrants to stay and provide food.

This is when Christina Pushaw, former press secretary for DeSantis, sent out the threat that his administration will send more immigrants if they are willing to deal with the problem, “Great, then you won’t mind taking in a few thousand more.”

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In a later tweet, Pushaw said that Martha’s Vineyard residents “should be thrilled” about welcoming migrants. “They vote for sanctuary cities—they get a sanctuary city of their own. And illegal aliens will increase the town’s diversity, which is strength. Right?,” she wrote on Twitter.

In explanation of his move the Florida Governor said “We take what’s happening at the southern border very seriously, unlike some and unlike the President of the United States, who has refused to lift a finger to secure that border,” he said.

“We’ve worked on innovative ways to be able to protect the state of Florida from the impact of Biden’s border policies, this is not a sanctuary state, and it’s better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction.” DeSantis declared.

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