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Home » SAVAGE! Gov. Ron DeSantis Sends Two Planes of Illegal Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard as Biden’s Border Policies Plague Florida

SAVAGE! Gov. Ron DeSantis Sends Two Planes of Illegal Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard as Biden’s Border Policies Plague Florida

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis sent two planes full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts joining the trend started by his fellow Republican Governors of Texas and Arizona, Florida is the latest red state to transport illegal immigrants to Democrat-run cities.

A spokesperson for Governor DeSantis told Fox News Digital in a statement that the flights were “part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations.”

“States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden administration’s open border policies,” said Taryn Fenske, the governor’s communication director.

The vineyard is a popular vacation and residential destination for far-left radical celebrities and politicians like former Democrat President Barack Obama, who despite complaining about oppression, owns a multimillion-dollar home on the island.

Gov. DeSantis in his latest initiative to protest the federal government’s open border policies has proposed Martha’s Vineyard or Delaware — President Joe Biden’s home state — as potential destinations for illegal immigrants removed from his state through the immigrant relocation program.

“It is not the responsibility of Floridians to subsidize aliens to reside in our state unlawfully; we did not consent to Biden’s open-borders agenda,” the Governor’s office remarked at the time of the program’s launch.

In the latest legislative session the state of Florida, Legislature allocated $12 million to implement this program to facilitate the transportation of illegal immigrants from the sunshine state consistent with federal law.

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Gov. DeSantis’ office notes that the illegal immigrants removed from their state would be transported to states and cities with governors and mayors celebrating and promoting Joe Biden’s open border policies, and inviting millions of illegal immigrants to the country. The governor notes that Floridians should not be held responsible for facilitating the migrants’ cost of living when open border democrats are the ones inviting them over.

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