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Home » SHOCKING! Democrat Poll Worker ‘EJECTED’ From Election Office After Multiple Election Interference Claims

SHOCKING! Democrat Poll Worker ‘EJECTED’ From Election Office After Multiple Election Interference Claims

Image Credit - J. Countess/Getty Images News

Last week, in preparation for midterms, a Democrat poll worker was reportedly “ejected” from an Indiana election office for pressuring poll voters and tampering with the voting machines to entice Democrat votes.

Hamilton County Election Office found the issue in Carmel, Indiana where the worker would entice people to vote for his candidates and even pre-selected his candidates on the machines for future voters.

Hamilton County election administrator Beth Sheller gave a detailed report to Fox News of the citation but declined to confirm the poll worker’s identity.

Fox News reporting led them to a name James Zheng who is believed to be the poll worker in question.

Fox News described the infractions.

“The first incident took place early Thursday evening as a group of education activists stood outside the Carmel polling place and advocated for pro-parent school board candidates. Sheller says the worker spoke with a pair of black voters who entered the polling station and urged them not to vote for the pro-parent candidates, arguing that the activists outside were ‘racist.’

“That pair of voters then cast their ballots and approached the activists outside, informing them of what the poll worker had told them. The activists, which included a campaign worker for one of the candidates, then raised the issue with the workers inside.

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“The inspector then learned of a second incident, this one involving potential election interference. Sheller said the poll worker was assisting a voter with an electronic ballot and pressed the ‘straight Democrat ticket’ option during the explanation.”

“She said the voter was then confused about how to change the selection and raised the issue with another nearby poll worker. That worker resolved the issue, allowing the voter to cast a legitimate ballot, and then informed the polling inspector of what happened.”

Sheller shared many of his beliefs about the situation including his hope that the perpetrator be prosecuted and that this was an isolated incident. Sheller then ensured that Zheng had been removed and banned from the polling location.

This story prefaces the many discussions and debates about this election’s safety.

Hamilton County GOP chairman Mario Massillamany released a statement following the story saying, “If you see something suspicious, please report such activity immediately to a poll worker or other election official immediately.”

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