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SHOCKING! Nancy Pelosi Backs Biden’s Re-Election Bid Despite Only 22% of Americans Support

On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in an interview that she believes President Joe Biden should run for reelection. This goes against the over 70% of Democrats that believe Biden is too old to be President according to a CBS poll.

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Pelosi outlined what she thinks Biden has achieved and how these midterms are indicative of a stronger party than previously thought.

“President Biden has been a great president for our country. Over 10 million jobs under his leadership. Working with the private sector, of course. He has just done so many things that are so great,” Pelosi said.

“He’s put money in people’s pockets, vaccines in their arms, children back to school, people back to work, for starters, creating 10 million jobs, he has made America independent by passing the CHIPS bill that says we’re no longer reliant on those who would withhold products that enable us to manufacture in our country.”

“The [Inflation Reduction Act]… $368 billion in good-paying green jobs, clean air, clean water for our children, national security issue to stop migrations and competition for habitat and food, as well as honoring our responsibility to future generations. The PACT Act, honoring our veterans, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, all of it with justice, with equity, with inclusiveness, with diversity, taking us to a new place. He has been a great president and he has a great record to run on,” she concluded.

Jesse Watters responded to a survey from the Economist and YouGov that found only 44% of Democrats want President Biden to run again in 2024. Watters said, “They [Democrats] don’t think that Joe Biden can win re-election.”

Breitbart reported that the survey analyzed the answer to “‘Do you want Joe Biden to run for president again in 2024?’ And Overall, just 22 percent of Americans said they want Biden to run again in 2024, while most, 54 percent, do not. Another 24 percent remain unsure.”

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Watters responded to this information by saying “They [Democrats] don’t think that Joe Biden can win re-election. They think his presidency is so far costing them power in the house. Democrats obviously want their agenda enacted and so far Joe Biden has not really been effective in enacting their agenda.”

“Democrats want to be inspired. That’s why Democrats usually vote for the guy that sends the thrill down their leg … Is Joe Biden inspiring Democrats? No. He can barely make it through a speech on a teleprompter. He’s boring and threatening their hold on power.”

“That is the reason democrats are fleeing so significantly like this,” Watters concluded on The Five.

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