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SNOWFLAKES RAGE: After Troy Aikman Says the NFL Needs to ‘Take the Dresses Off’ in Response to a Bad Call

Image Credit - Jordan Strauss/Invision for NFL/AP Images

Hall of Fame NFL football player, now announcer Troy Aikman has received significant backlash for a comment he made during a commentary of  Monday Night Football. Aikman called for the NFL to “take the dresses off.”

The quip came during Chiefs-Raiders game where the former NFL quarterback was criticizing the handling of the roughing the passer penalty. Aikman said, “My hope is the [NFL] Competition Committee looks at this in the next set of meetings, and you know, we take the dresses off.”

The virality of the clip garnered extreme perspectives from hardcore football fans applauding his honesty to liberal media voices calling for the announcer’s cancelation.

Yahoo! Sports writer Ryan Young was early to comment saying, “Aikman is far from alone in wanting the NFL to adjust the rules surrounding this type of play. Former head coaches Tony Dungy and Sean Payton called for it on Twitter almost immediately after the play Monday night,” Young wrote. 

“Yet Aikman using a sexist trope to make a point was offensive, cringy, and lazy. The Hall of Famer, after more than two decades in the broadcast booth, should know better by now.”

The controversy even lead to Aikmen appearing on 96.7 “The Ticket” Thursday where he apologized “My comments were dumb, just shouldn’t have made them,” Aikman said. “Just dumb remarks on my part.”

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House Member Lauren Boebert even came to Aikman’s defense tweeting, “Leave it the beta leftists to be mad at Aikman’s comment and not the ref for making one of the worst roughing the passer calls in the last decade. You all make football suck. Everything woke turns to…”

Former Congressman Vernon Jones also stood by Aikman’s side saying, “Most of the folks who are calling @TroyAikman a misogynist are the biggest misogynists in the atmosphere. The radical left is trying to neuter heterosexual men. Men, don’t allow the liberal mob to put a dress on you. Stand up!”

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