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Home » ‘Stick it Where the Sun Don’t Shine’; Country Music Star BLASTS the Industry Choosing Freedom Over Approval

‘Stick it Where the Sun Don’t Shine’; Country Music Star BLASTS the Industry Choosing Freedom Over Approval

Country Music star John Rich in his latest interview shared his “falling out of favor” with the country music industry after releasing his last hit, Progress, in which he criticizes the woke policies of the Biden administration.

“I don’t have the backing of of the country music industry really much anymore,” John Rich said on the Tuesday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “And that’s okay. I would rather have my freedom of speech than their approval any day of the week.”

After releasing his top hit, Progress in July 2022, Rich saw tremendous success as the song that criticized Joe Biden and his far-left radical ideologies was the number one trending song for 12 days straight. At the time of this, Rich said that he wrote the song based on his frustrations about “what has been happening in the country for the past two years” and rightfully so, the music was loved by many patriots who shared similar frustrations.

“I would not call that gas price progress,” Rich said. “I would not call the grocery prices progress. I would not call fentanyl in all of our neighborhoods progress. I would not call the border being wide open progress.”

“If that’s progress, they can stick it where the sun don’t shine — which is a really nice PG way of saying you know what,” Rich continued.

For Progress’ release, Rich went an alternative way and instead of publishing the song on traditional platforms like YouTube and Facebook, he used the free speech platform, Rumble for the official release. Many music industry experts believed at the time that the song would tank if released on Rumble but Rich chose the free speech route anyways.

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“I decided to not use Twitter, not use Facebook, and not use YouTube, because one of the lines in the song says, ‘They shut down our voices,'” Rich explained. “And by ‘they,’ I mean those platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.”

Rich called the leadership team at TRUTH Social and Rumble and agreed to release his latest track at the time on those pro-free speech platforms.

“Within six hours of ‘Progress’ being released on those two platforms, it was the number one song in the world,” he remarked.

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