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Home » ‘Texans are in Imminent Danger’; Texas GOP Issues MAJOR Warning to Biden; Create Plan to Combat Broken Border

‘Texans are in Imminent Danger’; Texas GOP Issues MAJOR Warning to Biden; Create Plan to Combat Broken Border

Southern border states are fed up with the Biden administration’s policies that along with letting record numbers of illegal immigrants into the country has led to a severe increase in fentanyl in America, an incredibly dangerous drug that many in our country have overdosed on this year.

Texas GOP lawmakers aren’t standing for this anymore and have created a plan to fight the battle at the southern border.

Commitment to Secure the Border: a Framework by Texans for Texans is the official name of the plan and it lays out the reasoning for its creation and how Texas will further defend against illegal immigrants and smugglers.

“More than 4 million individuals have been encountered at our southern border since President Biden took office. The Biden administration has released between 1-2 million of these individuals into the interior – not including approximately 1 million known ‘gotaways’ since the start of FY21. At least 98 people on the terrorist screening database were apprehended in FY22. Further, more than 24,000 lbs. of fentanyl have been seized since President Biden took office.

“Texans are in imminent danger, and Texas leadership is right to use all powers under their authority to defend Texas’ border and its citizens. Taxpayers in Texas are spending more than $3 billion on border security operations. Fentanyl is killing tens of thousands of Americans and cartel-fueled crime is surging across the country. Customs and Border Protection agents and officers are strapped and hamstrung – rendered incapable of fulfilling their duties.

“House Republicans have made a Commitment to America to secure the southern border as part of our priority to create a “nation that is safe. This is consistent with the American Security Task Force. As members of Congress representing Texans and the southern border we commit to the same and offer these solutions to fulfill the goals of the Commitment to America.

“We will not stand by while the Biden Administration knowingly pushes disastrous policies with complete disregard for what our state and country are enduring. We commit to paying Texas back for border operations and damages. We commit to forcing the administration to enforce our current laws and to leverage the power of the purse to ensure that it does. And we commit to immediately shifting policy to bring much needed security to our state and country.

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“We commit to securing our southern border, and this is our framework to do just that.”

The plan lists multiple executions to help secure the border such as “finishing the border wall system,” “Ensure CBP can retain and recruit agents and officers,” building “navigable roads,” and clearing the “Carrizo cane.”

This plan is huge for not only the state of Texas but border states as a whole. The Biden administration is likely to thwart these efforts of the Texas GOP, but even a small execution of the plans laid out will be beneficial as Texas is continuously being plagued by illegal immigrants and the problems they bring.

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