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Home » Texas Lieutenant Gov. Gives Biden an Ultimatum; Secure the Border or We’ll ‘Keep Those Buses Coming’

Texas Lieutenant Gov. Gives Biden an Ultimatum; Secure the Border or We’ll ‘Keep Those Buses Coming’

Texas Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick had a message for Joe Biden and all the sanctuary city pro-open border Democrats who are feeling overwhelmed after accepting just a small percentage of illegal immigrants from border town cities.

Texas is going to “keep those buses coming” until Joe Biden agrees to secure the southern border the Lieutenant Governor insinuated.

“I’m serious about this. The legislators are serious about this. The people of Texas are serious about it,” Lt. Gov. Patrick told Fox & Friends last week. “The other thing I’d want to do, we’re spending, by the way, to put this in perspective to all these whiny babies up in these blue states, ‘Oh, this is such a crisis.’ We normally spend $400 million a year on border security.”

“We’re spending over $4 billion of Texas taxpayer money, money we could spend on health care, on education, on more roads, whatever it might be, $4 billion a year. We have our National Guard there on the border,” he said, “This is a financial burden on us. But most importantly, it’s an invasion of our state.”

The open border and the record-breaking illegal immigration in the lone star state have unified both Democrat and Republican voters and politicians alike who are all frustrated by the mass illegal immigration in their state. Just this month, multiple Texas counties requested “additional measures to secure the border” to protect their communities and have declared the open border an “emergency.”

While the state of Texas is spending billions on protecting the border to the best of its ability, by deploying a state-funded border, national guards, and Texas troopers to assist the border patrol, and detain illegal migrants from entering through the state borders.

“I’ve said it for a long time, I’m not shy about the word. But we have to do this the right way. But I will also propose that since we’re spending so much money, I’d like to hire every Border Patrol agent on the border,” he said in this interview, “Every one of them. There’s about 8,000.”

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“We can afford to do it, hire them and make a new state border guard so that Joe Biden doesn’t have one person left,” he remarked. ” And by the way, the Border Patrol agents are heroes in my book. They hate working for this guy. I think they love working for Texas.”

“I’ve always asked this question and on this show before, exactly what is Biden’s answer when we say, where do these people go? Where do they actually go?” He asked. “How do they live? Do they move in with somebody? We can’t put a 15-year-old in the fourth grade if they’re two or three grade levels behind.”

“Where do they get their health care services or emergency rooms? What do they do for working? They don’t have a legal permit,” he explained. “So they’ve been dumping people in America for a long time, a long time. And now Texas is saying, we’re fighting back. “

Despite Texas’ effort to secure the border on the state level, federal government policies issued by the Biden administration severely limit the power of the state in this instance. Hence, the Gregg Abbott administration had started transporting small portions of migrants to sanctuary cities like Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York City where pro-open border mayors have forever cheered mass-scale illegal immigration.

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