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Home » ‘Thank You for Showing us the Way’: Kayleigh McEnany PRAISED by Kari Lake for Handling of Liberal Media

‘Thank You for Showing us the Way’: Kayleigh McEnany PRAISED by Kari Lake for Handling of Liberal Media

Kari Lake is no stranger to the difficulties of being a newscaster and during her recent interview with Kayleigh McEnany she expressed her appreciation for the host and admired her work as White House Press Secretary under former President Donald Trump.

Lake praised McEnany for her handling of the leftist media that oftentimes were hostile with the press secretary.

During her tenure under President Trump, McEnany went viral many times shutting down hate-fueled comments and questions in spectacular fashion.

In opening the segment with Lake, McEnany revealed her campaign team’s strategy for handling the media and said her office’s montra was “offense only.”

McEnany said her team’s mindset was to “to go on offense against a very liberal press.”

She then went on to praise Lake’s response to a previous media question about running alongside Donald Trump in 2024 if he reveals it to be his intention.

“I’m going to be here [in Arizona] not just four years, I’m going to be here eight years, and I’m going to be the fake news media’s worst nightmare for eight years. So they better get used to it,” was Lake’s response.

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McEnany went on to commend the Arizona gubernatorial candidate saying, “I’ve got to imagine you hear, on the campaign trail, from voters everywhere, ‘Good job, well done!’” 

“I took a page out of your playbook,” Lake respond. “You really did show us how to do it, and turn the tables on these hypocrites in the fake news.”

“Thank you for showing us the way,” Lake added.

“My dad was an offensive line coachman…a football coach, so always on offense, absolutely. We have nothing to be defensive about because we love this country. We have the common sense ideas to get through some of the problems we’re facing. And it’s gonna take we the people and some outsiders who aren’t a bunch of career politicians to get us out of this mess,” Lake concluded.

The bond between Republicans runs deep and this conversation between Kayleigh McEnany and Kari Lake shows just how important it is to the future of the GOP.

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