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‘The Border is Not Open’; Republicans PRAISE Supreme Court’s Decision NOT to Terminate Border Security Title 42 Policy

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The southern border has been one of the biggest problems in our country for years now and under the Biden administration it has gotten even worse, but the Supreme Court of the United States recently made a decision that will help lessen the issue.

We have seen record numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country under a lightly protected border, but even worse than that is the increase in fentanyl that has been brought into the country through the southern border. The increase in fentanyl has led to many overdoses as it is commonly used to cut cocaine, a party drug that is extremely prevalent in American party scenes.

SCOTUS ruled that the Trump-era Title 42 policy will remain in effect, a policy that was set to end on December 21st of 2022. 

Axios reported on the SCOTUS decision saying, “The expected Dec. 21 expiration of the policy — which has cited the pandemic to allow border officials to rapidly expel migrants and asylum seekers at the border for more than 2.5 years — was delayed after the Supreme Court intervened at the request of Republican challengers. The Supreme Court approved a last-minute effort by 19 GOP-led states to block the termination of Title 42.”

Marsha (Catron) Espinosa, the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs tweeted about DHS’s actions following the decision.

“As required by today’s Supreme Court order, the Title 42 public health order will remain in effect and individuals who attempt to enter the United States unlawfully will continue to be expelled to Mexico or their home country,” Espinosa wrote.

She continued saying, “People should not listen to the lies of smugglers who take advantage of vulnerable migrants, putting lives at risk. The border is not open, and we will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws.”

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Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin tweeted about the recent decision saying,  “Today’s Title 42 stay from the Supreme Court is much needed but the Biden administration must do more to secure our southern border. Too many lives are ruined as a result of the fentanyl crisis, enabled by the open border, and we need action now.”

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