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Home » THE SILENT MAJORITY PREVAILS: Over 10,000 Patriots Attended President Trump’s Latest Rally With 200,000+ Live Stream Viewers

THE SILENT MAJORITY PREVAILS: Over 10,000 Patriots Attended President Trump’s Latest Rally With 200,000+ Live Stream Viewers

Image Credit - Raleigh News & Observer

President Trump held his latest “Save America” rally in Wilmington, North Carolina last week and repeating a familiar pattern from his other recent rallies, attracted a large, house-full audience at the live event.

The Aero Center in Wilmington where this rally was held has a maximum seating capacity of 7,200 people and it was packed with an estimated 10,000 people attending the live event and thousands of patriots who couldn’t make it inside, to watch the former President speak on a large screen stood outside the Aero Center.

Patriots attending the event begun lining up as early as 8:00 a.m. to watch the former President speak live. The official entry started at 2:00 p.m. and President Trump received a warm welcome from a packed audience.

Along with the 10,000 live attendees, the event was live-streamed by a whopping 200,000 on Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) Rumble account.

“Crowds as far as the eye can see today at President Donald Trump’s North Carolina rally,” One America News White House Correspondent Daniel Baldwin reported on Twitter with a video from the press stage.

President Trump was in Wilmington to campaign for Republican candidates running in the November midterm elections. This included U.S. Senate Candidate, and the incumbent Congressman, Rep. Ted Budd who is running for an open seat against the Democrat nominee, Cheri Beasley who is a far-left radical progressive.

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Other notable speakers at this rally were North Carolina State House Speaker Tim Moore, North Carolina District 1 House candidate Sandy Smith, District 13 candidate Bo Hines, South Carolina District 7 House candidate Russell Fry, US House Representative from North Carolina District 7 David Rouzer, and the state’s Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.

President Trump was cheered on by the large crowd when he spoke of taking down the deep state, also known as the “swamp.”

“We are going to drain that damn swamp, and I’ll tell you, I did a hell of a job, but that sucker is deep. That’s deep,” he said.

He was also applauded for suggesting emergency funding to hire “thousands and thousands more police officers” which is a stark contrast from what most Democrats are currently suggesting.

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