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Home » ‘This Chaos is the Direct Result of Your Failure’; Abbott Delivers Letter of Demands Upon Biden’s First Visit to Southern Border

‘This Chaos is the Direct Result of Your Failure’; Abbott Delivers Letter of Demands Upon Biden’s First Visit to Southern Border


In his first visit to the United States southern border since he took office, President Joe Biden was met by Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott who took the chance to hand over a letter that detailed just how he felt about Biden’s visit to El Paso, Texas.

To add to the shock factor, Abbott hand delivered this letter that stated just how bad Biden’s handling of the southern border has been compared to his predecessor Donald Trump.

“Dear President Biden:

Your visit to our southern border with Mexico today is $20 billion too little and two years too

late. Moreover, your visit avoids the sites where mass illegal immigration occurs and sidesteps

the thousands of angry Texas property owners whose lives have been destroyed by your border

policies. Even the city you visit has been sanitized of the migrant camps which had overrun

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downtown El Paso because your Administration wants to shield you from the chaos that Texans

experience on a daily basis. This chaos is the direct result of your failure to enforce the

immigration laws that Congress enacted.

Under President Trump, the federal government achieved historically low levels of illegal

immigration. Under your watch, by contrast, America is suffering the worst illegal immigration

in the history of our country. Your open-border policies have emboldened the cartels, who grow

wealthy by trafficking deadly fentanyl and even human beings. Texans are paying an especially

high price for your failure, sometimes with their very lives, as local leaders from your own party

will tell you if given the chance.

All of this is happening because you have violated your constitutional obligation to defend the

States against invasion through faithful execution of federal laws. Halfway through your

presidency, though, I can finally welcome you to the border. When you finish the photo-ops in a

carefully stage-managed version of El Paso, you have a job to do.”

Abbott issued a tweet alongside a video speaking of the interaction with President Biden.

“The letter I hand-delivered to President Biden when he visited El Paso clearly outlines actions he can take TODAY to secure the border. The ball is in his court. As long as Biden refuses to enforce federal immigration law, Texas will step up to secure the border,” the tweet read.

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