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Tom Selleck DESTROYS Rosie O’Donnell When She Tries to Press Him on Gun Control After School Shooting Shocks the Country

As the debate of how to handle school shootings rages on, an interview from 1999 has resurfaced that shows Tom Selleck in a heated debate with Rosie O’Donnell about gun control.

On the “Rosie O’Donnell Show,” O’Donnell brought up the issues with clear agitation towards recent school shootings and Selleck’s connection to the NRA.

Rosie started the interview by bringing out her frustration saying, “I think the reason people are against the NRA is because the NRA has such a militant strength, especially a power in Washington to veto or to stronghold any sensible gun… so that children which there are 500 a year that die, don’t get killed.”

After a quick back and forth Selleck responded with the profound “All I can tell you is rushing to pass legislation in times of national crisis or morning isn’t proper, and more importantly is nothing in any of this legislation would have prevented that awful tragedy.” 

Selleck then brings attention to the issue of some children’s upbringing and teaches parents to raise their kids right. The actor brought in historical facts of accessibility to firearms being higher in the past yet fewer acts of violence occurred.

The discussion seemed to go off the rails at this point as O’Donnell asked many questions to Selleck and accused him of his way of life which started a small back and forth. Toward the end of the discussion, they concluded there is a small room for compromise as both sides want to say the other is right.

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This gun control debate was over 23 years ago yet still holds true today. People back then were discussing the same issues and solutions and still refusing to come to concede their view to the person who might have an opposite viewpoint.

On Thursday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) posted a video of a physical exchange with young gun activists with a caption that read “You have to be an idiot to think gun control will create a utopian society where criminals disarm themselves and obey the law.”

“Gen Z is fed up with politicians who continue to put our lives in danger, and this aggression is one of the most visible examples yet of what we are up against,” a Voters of Tomorrow spokesperson told The Hill in response.

Many years later the same debate rages on, in the same ways as before.

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