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Home » US Army to Punish Unvaccinated Soldiers; ‘Adverse Administrative Actions’ Will be Enforced on Those Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

US Army to Punish Unvaccinated Soldiers; ‘Adverse Administrative Actions’ Will be Enforced on Those Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated


The U.S. Army will punish unvaccinated soldiers with incentives for active duty service members to leave behind their religious beliefs.

The consequences so far include prohibiting off-base travel, blocking promotions, and enforcing involuntary terminations from the service.

An Army spokesperson told Fox News Digital about the U.S. Army’s new position on the vaccine.

“Soldiers who refuse the order to be vaccinated without approved or pending exemption request are subject to certain adverse administrative actions, including flags, bars to continued service, and official reprimands (GOMORS,)” the spokesperson announced.

Fox News reported:

According to the Army’s public coronavirus statistics, 4,664 active-duty soldiers request a religious exemption to the vaccine, but only 44 were granted. the Army has enacted 1,772 total separations with unvaccinated soldiers, according to the data. The Army did not detail how many separations were due to having been denied a religious exemption.

One current major in Army Special Operation, who was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, last year during the Biden administration’s deadly withdrawal and has served for almost 11 years, including three combat deployments, called it a “technique of coercion” being unitized by the military to force voluntary retirements.

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“What [the Army] is doing, it’s a technique of coercion to stall peoples careers, to force voluntary retirements, voluntary exits,” he said. “In my case, I could be a year behind my peers, and that will have devastating results when it comes to my next promotion.”

The major explained that due to his unvaccinated status, he is being kept from getting his master’s degree at Liberty University, which will stall his career, In addition, he had already bought a house in Virginia and planned to move his family from Fort Bragg to their new home at the end of the summer, but her is now stuck in limbo because he has been barred from traveling.

“My career is still being stalled. They can’t claim it’s because I’m in the process of having a religious accommodation approved or reviewed, because that in and of itself is religious discrimination,” he said. “And they are cleverly crafting cases. So it appears as if they’re simply losing a higher rate of people to natural exit, not tying it to COVID or their policies. So I was intentionally trying to use the entitlements that I’ve earned and to demonstrated how they are in breach of contract and actively preventing their own officers’ advancement.”

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