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Home » Pennsylvania Democrats Get HUMILIATED as Viral Video Shows Philadelphia Thugs Ransacking a Wawa Convenience Store

Pennsylvania Democrats Get HUMILIATED as Viral Video Shows Philadelphia Thugs Ransacking a Wawa Convenience Store

On Monday Night, A viral video that took Twitter by storm shows a Philadelphia Wawa convenience store ransacked by what seems to be a group of wild teenagers. After destroying the Wawa store, the criminals went outside and started fighting each other.

Dozens of younger individuals flooded this Wawa location on Roosevelt Boulevard at Tyson Avenue in Philadelphia’s northeast neighborhood of Mayfair. The destruction was quite extensive as members of the group threw items and broke shelves.

The Philadelphia Police Department has yet to comment on the Wawa being ransacked.

This exact situation has a history as Wawa locations across Philadelphia were forced to shut down early because young people were ransacking the convenience stores earlier this month.

KYW-TV reporter Joe Holden wrote on Twitter, “‘Closed early due to police activity Philadelphia Police tell me dozens of juveniles were ransacking convenience stores across Center City (nothing to do with Made in America, according to police sources).”

“They hit a number of Wawa locations — and police tell me most of their Center City locations have since shut down. I checked on two stores — they were closed. Police say an unknown number of juveniles were taken into custody.”

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Also in Philadelphia, A $5,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a man who robbed a series of Wawa stores.

After simply searching “Wawa crime” and finding dozens of different news stories from this year, a trend became clear that I continued to research. Axios reported, “Property crimes are up more than 30%, with businesses getting hit hard as commercial burglaries have risen a staggering 50% from last year.”

John Roman, a senior fellow at NORC suggested a decline in public sector workers since the start of the pandemic is potentially limiting the city’s response to the violence.

“That’s really the thing that’s keeping Philadelphia from bouncing back — it just doesn’t have the local infrastructure support in government and social services to get it back on track,” Roman said.

That sounds a lot like, “Fund the Police” to me.

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