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Home » ‘We Coach Ball, We Don’t Look at Color’; NFL Head Coach SHUTS DOWN Ridiculous Race Baiting Questions

‘We Coach Ball, We Don’t Look at Color’; NFL Head Coach SHUTS DOWN Ridiculous Race Baiting Questions

The head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently shut down a couple of left-wing reporters for trying to bait him with a woke critical race theory question about his relationship with his players and coaches.

Reporters asked head coach Todd Bowles about Buccaneers’ upcoming match with Pittsburgh Steelers and the team’s head coach Mike Tomlin and the fact that the two of them are “two of the few black coaches in the league.”

Bowles rejected the racial linking and slammed the reporters by saying “We don’t look at what color we are when we coach against each other. We just know each other.”

“I have a lot of very good white friends that coach in this league as well, and I don’t think it’s a big deal as far as us coaching against each other; I think it’s normal,” he added.

Bowles then mentioned Carolina Panthers’ new head coach, Steve Wilks and said, “Wilks got an opportunity to do a good job. Hopefully, he does it. And we coach ball, we don’t look at color.”

Just as you thought that the woke reporters would understand that Bowles isn’t going to fall into their trap, he received another similar question from a reporter who attempted to press on the same issue. “You also understand that representation matters, too, right?” And asked whether he thinks it is good for the NFL players to be coached by someone who “looks like them” and possibly “grew up like them.”

Bowles was obviously frustrated by the woke reporters attempting to add a racial angle to his profession. “Well, when you say, ‘They see you guys,’ and ‘look like them and grew up like them’ it means that we’re oddballs to begin with. I think the minute you guys stop making a big deal about it, everybody else will as well,” he responded.

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Outback founder and co-host of the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, Clay Travis tweeted in response to Bowles’ response, “Athletic culture is a direct reflection of the meritocracy. Being elite is the aspiration. Dominating is the goal. No one wants to be equal with another player or another team. You want to be better than them and beat their ass. That’s how you win and get paid.”

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